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Linguistic and preparatory course programme for UCT Prague accredited studies


UCT Prague offers accredited bachelor, master, and postgraduate study programmes in the Czech language as well as selected bachelor and master study programmes and practically all postgraduate study programmes in the English language.


The linguistic and preparatory course programme for UCT Prague accredited studies (hereinafter “preparatory courses”) is designed for non-Czech citizens who, after finishing the preparatory course, intend to study in one of the accredited UCT Prague study programmes in the Czech language. No fee is required for higher education in the Czech language study programme at UCT Prague; for instruction in English, a separate fee is required.


Organization of Courses

Preparatory courses normally last two semesters: the winter semester starts in the middle of September and lasts until the first half of February; the summer semester starts in mid-February and lasts until the end of June.

The courses consist of two parts – a Czech language course and preparatory specialised courses.

For students who already possess some knowledge of the Czech language, a special one-semester intensive preparatory course can be organized upon demand.

In the case of participants interest can be arranged intensive one semester preparation programme fot participants with knowledge of Czech language at least at level B1 by Common European Framework of Reference.


Czech Language Course

The Czech course for students will prepare them for their studies by helping them to master practical use of the Czech language with an emphasis on active knowledge of the language and by preparing them for basic communication situations as well as for bachelor or master study in specialised subjects. Linguistic courses take place at the Institute of Foreign Languages, Ltd. (hereinafter: ICJ CZ) in Prague 1, Stepanska 35.


Technical Subject Preparation

Specialised preparatory courses include Basic Math for the Bachelor programme, Basic Chemistry for the Bachelor programme, and Basic Physics for the Bachelor program. The preparatory courses take place at UCT Prague and their aim is to:

  • Broaden knowledge about the Czech language by inclusion of professional vocabulary.
  • Facilitate recognition exams with the purpose of validating previous education abroad by Czech official institutions. Such a validation is an obligatory condition of enrolment to an accredited study program at UCT Prague.
  • Facilitate the first stages of instruction in the accredited UCT Prague bachelor study programmes, since the knowledge gained in the preparatory courses is very useful for students in the first year of education in such subjects as General and Inorganic Chemistry I, Mathematics I, and Physics I (all three of which are included in practically all accredited bachelor specializations at UCT Prague).
  • Mastering higher education techniques which are indispensable for successful graduation from an accredited bachelor, master, or post-graduate study programme.


Terms of Admission

Participants are accepted for the preparatory courses on the basis of prior graduation from a secondary school in chemistry and mathematics, at an average level assessed according to annual certificates/transcripts and final graduation certificate. The average level in these subjects is defined as at least 3,0 inclusively (for a grading scale 1-5, where 1 is excellent) or equivalent grading in other systems. Proof of completion of secondary school graduation (exam or other certificate) is required and should be submitted no later than enrolment week at the beginning of September.



The applicant who satisfies the conditions of acceptance to the preparatory course shall sign a contract for participation which defines course content as well as course prices and related fees. The offical Czech language version must be signed and you can see it here; here it is translated into Russian; and hereinto English.

Participants with knowledge of Czech language at least at level B1 by Common European Framework of Reference can be accepted just to the summer semester of the preparatory course. The offical Czech language contract version must be signed and you can see it here; here it is translated into Russian; and hereinto English.

The applicant will fill in an electronic application form for participation in the preparatory course. The form is published on the ICJ CZ and UCT Prague web here; its English version is here, and the Russian version is here. Having filled it out, the applicant will send the form to the ICJ CZ email address (info@icj.cz).ICJ CZ will communicate to the applicant all necessary information related to the contract and the course application form and then will hand over this application form to the UCT Prague.


Information in Other Languages

Information about the preparatory course programme in Czech can be found here.

Information about the preparatory course programme in Russian can be found here.


Stay in Prague

Participants in the preparatory course can be accommodated in the dorms of UCT Prague. Food plans are available from the catering services of UCT Prague and CTU in Prague (Czech Technical University). Scholarships for boarding support are not available.


Succesful Completion of Programme

Participants in the programme who successfully pass final exams and tests will be given a document (certificate) of completion of the preparatory course.


Advisory Services

After being accepted to the preparatory course, the student will be assigned to a special advisor at ICJ CZ to whom he or she can turn to any working day from 9.00 to 18.00, with any question or request for assistance regarding:

    • Residence in the Czech Republic and educational possibilities
    • Studying in the preparatory course
    • Education recognition exams; i.e., validation of the degrees of education achieved abroad by Czech official institutions
    • Accommodation in Prague
    • The choice of appropriate accredited bachelor or master studying programme and specialization of study at UCT Prague
    • Possibilities for being picked up at the airport or the train station
    • Any other questions related to facilitation of the residence of the applicant in the Czech Republic.

One can use advisory services until the end of the preparatory course.

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