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Testimonial - Ernesto Lopez Morales

Ernesto Lopez Morales

Ernesto Lopez Morales is a likeable Mexican guy, currently living in Canada. It has been 8 years since he completed his degree in Food Preservation and Meat Technology at the UCT (in 2009) and we were curious how he looks back at his studies in Prague after such a long time.

How did you enjoy your study in Czech Republic?

It was an amazing experience. Study abroad is completely different from studying in your own country. You need to get along with a different education system, with cultural diversity, with new people. You get to learn how to be open-minded. And also Prague is an awesome city.

What about UCT? How did you feel as a foreign student?

Well, I was the only student of the English program. On one side it was great, because it made me to open up and ask question no matter if the question was simple or complicated. In a classroom full of students, some people might have doubts about asking because they think their question is too easy or trivial. I also acquired some time management skills. Being the only student in a classroom I had to plan ahead how to use time with my professors (about my questions, interests) in order to make it as effective as possible. On the other hand I missed the opportunity to interact with other students and to discuss with them different points of views.

What were your professors like? How did they deal with you as with the only student?

I cannot be but satisfied. They were always well prepared and willing to help. Practical classes were focused on industry/job related skills. Professors’ attitude was great.

You completed your degree in 2009. How has your professional life evolved since then? Have you been working in your field of study?

Yes, once I finished my degree I came back to Mexico and it took me 2 months to get a job at Kimberly Clark. After working there for almost 3 years I moved to Canada (having a MSc degree definitely made things easier for the immigration process) where I started working for small food company. After a year I applied for a job at Cavendish Farms where I have been working as a Packaging Supervisor ever since.

Wow, that sounds like it was quiet easy to find a job after graduation, wasn’t it?

Yes, having a MSc always opens doors and gives you an advantage over other people who have only a BSc. It provided me with a number of job opportunities and also helped me to understand easier how certain things work in the real life and in food industry.

That’s amazing. It’s good to hear, that studying at a university is worthy, when it takes so much effort.

Hahaha, exactly. I can confirm that what I have learned at UCT and the experience I have gained during my studies abroad had been beneficial for me very much.

Thank you for time and good luck.

No problem, thank you too.

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