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Testimonial - Naveen Kumar Sathu

Naveen Kumar Sathu

Naveen Kumar Sathu completed his Ph. D. studies at UCT in 2012. Currently, he works as a scientist in the SABIC Research & Technology. How does he think back of his studies at UCT? How did it contribute to get his dream job at SABIC R&D? Here are some of the questions we asked him in our interview.

What did you like about UCT?

I really enjoyed the open culture. Everybody was very friendly, both students and professors. You could feel the support and the encouragement from the faculty and other students. I would recommend to choose a degree program at UCT, because UCT gives the best environment and exposure to pursue studies with a strong cultural background.

Is there anything you didn’t like or anything you would change?

I cannot think about anything specific I didn’t like, but there is one thing, which could be changed. It is better to do an internship program within industry. It helps students to get a better job later.

Could you share with us the most important thing you have learned at UCT?

That is a difficult question… I gained a deeper understanding of fundamental concepts in the field of catalysis and chemistry. I think, that UCT prepared me well for my professional career by helping me to develop a solid analytical thinking with solution based ideas and overcome challenges in the field of catalysis.                 

Was it difficult for you to find a job after graduation?

Actually, it was not. Based on my studies I got a position in SABIC R&D, where I am utilizing and enhancing my understanding about the role of an catalyst in the petrochemical transformation. My current position is very related to my field of study at UCT, which is great.        

Thank you for the interview.

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