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Testimonial - Thea Baum

Thea Baum

Thea Baum came to the UCT Prague to study Science and Biotechnology Master program. She graduated in 2015 and then she started looking for a job, which, she says, was relatively easy after pursuing her degree at the UCT Prague.

Thea, where are you working currently?

In PharmInvent. I work as a Scientific and Regulatory Specialist in Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Affairs sector.

That sounds interesting, how did you get this job?

Well, it was relatively easy to find a job after my graduation. I found a number of job opportunities and I went to a couple of interviews enabling me to make a decision based on the best fitting employment opportunity.

Do you think that graduation at the UCT Prague helped you to find a job?

Yes, my current position in PharmInvent is strongly related to my field of study at the UCT Prague. The education acquired at the university enabled me to have a good grasp of the technologies currently in use in the biotechnology industry. I am able to understand current EU legislation related to food, chemical or microbiological industry which helps me to consider the regulatory requirements that need to be addressed in pharmaceuticals.

So, the education was not just a theory, but it prepared you well for your practice?

Yes, I learned all necessary steps to move a research project from a concept through various stages to a scale-up and production, which finds application in every industry.

Was it easy to choose a topic of your master thesis?

Yes, there are various research areas at the UCT Prague, so each student finds an interesting research topic for their master's thesis. Generally, the education is highly personalized with hands-on instruction from all professors and researchers.

And what about the other students, did you make many new friends?

Well, I missed the integration with Czech students a lot. Also no Czech language classes were offered to us except the basic "Erasmus" beginner course.

Is there anything you would like to share with future students personally?

Be adaptable! Studying in a foreign country can be difficult and rewarding at the same time. My studies at the UCT Prague have helped me to use this adaptability for a successful problem solving of difficult tasks, which I face in my current job field.

Thank you for the interview.

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