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Language program and training for study programs accredited at UCT Prague


UCT Prague offers accredited bachelor, master, and postgraduate study programmes in the Czech language as well as selected bachelor and master study programmes and practically all postgraduate study programmes in the English language.


University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague (hereafter UCT Prague) is the largest educational institution of its kind in Central and Eastern Europe. It builds on the nearly 200-year tradition of teaching technical chemistry in Bohemia. Its tradition and extensive professional potential predetermine the education of top experts. One of the graduates of Chemical Technology Prague is, for example, Nobel laureate in chemistry Vladimír Prelog, or discoverer of contact lenses Otto Wichterle and many other distinguished chemists.


Perspective and UCT Prague graduate profile

UCT Prague combines tradition with the latest nano-a biotechnology, and other progressive movements and disciplines in science and research. Excellent international reputation of the UCT Prague, technical ability and analytical thinking of a successful graduate is the VIP ticket for further study at foreign universities. Prospect of well-paid and meaningful work is ensured in cooperation with multinational companies where graduates apply to elite positions of senior managers, laboratory managers, corporate engineers and scientists.


Eurobachelor (originál)


UCT Prague may add to a bachelor's diploma in some fields designation recognized by the European quality bachelor's degree "EuroBachelor". The advantage for the student with this title is the possibility of admission to the Master's degree at any European partner university that is accredited by the awarding of the mark, but also the undisputed quality of their course.


Information about the program

Program of language training and to study programs accredited by UCT Prague (the preparatory program) is designed for foreign students who are, after its successful completion, preparing for a proper study at one of the faculties at UCT Prague:


  • Faculty of Chemical Technology
  • Faculty of Environmental Technology
  • Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology
  • Faculty of Chemical Engineering


Year preparatory program runs in two semesters. The winter semester begins in September and ends in mid-February. Summer semester begins in the first half of February and lasts until the end of June. During the program is primarily taught Czech language and vocational subjects in Czech.


Six-month preparatory program in the summer semester is intended only to candidates with knowledge of the Czech language on the B1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference. The duration of the summer semester is from February to June of that year, when the Czech language training is supplemented by studying of the vocational subjects.


Shall you have any questions, please contact JUDr. Otmar Skopal for a guidance: Otmar.Skopal@vscht.cz 


Czech language training

The main objective of teaching the Czech language with a total of 440 academic hours (88 hours in a six-month program) is its practical mastery. Teaching is therefore focused on the active use of language skills. After the completion of our courses, student is able to master difficult communication situations and is also fully ready to study vocational subjects of bachelor or master degree programs.

Language training takes place at the Institute of Foreign Languages, the language school with the right of execution state exams Ltd. (The ICJ) in Prague 1, Štěpánská 644/35, Prague 1.


Teaching vocational subjects

Teaching vocational subjects in the summer semester in the number of 180 academic hours. Taught subjects are basics of mathematics, basics of chemistry and physics fundamentals.

Teaching takes place in the classroom UCT Prague under the guidance of professors from experts, UCT Prague.


The aim of the vocational subjects teaching is:

  • Expanding knowledge of the Czech language technical terminology.
  • Facilitating validation tests that are part of the admission procedures of foreign education in the Czech Republic. (One of the conditions for enrollment in full-time study at accredited degree programs at UCT Prague is a successful validation of educational attainment participant from abroad, at the middle or high school.)
  • Facilitating the beginning of the study in an accredited educational program at UCT Prague. Newly acquired knowledge by studying technical subjects, students will use during the first year of study in a Bachelor or Master's program.
  • · Acquisition of Master's way of student life and study habits that are necessary for the successful completion of bachelor's, master's and doctoral programs at universities in the Czech Republic.


Conditions for admission

The condition for admission to the preparatory program is completed secondary education, which was subsequently granted by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic as part of validation.

Another criterion for admission to the preparatory program is the result from vocational subjects studying (mathematics and chemistry) in diameter trademark evaluation, including 3.0 (applies to the evaluation system 1 to 5, where 1 is the best), or equivalent diameter for other assessment systems.


Documentation, visas

The first step to participate in the program is sending the completed electronic application to study in the preparatory program (ICJ published on the web or UCT Prague here, the English version is here and Russian version is here) to address ICJ (info@icj.cz). All communication regarding the registration in the preparatory program is in charge of the ICJ.


Based on fulfilled conditions for admission to the preparatory program there will be contracts concluded with a contender about their participation in the preliminary program. The contract will contain the content of the program, rates and fees for the registration to participate in the program. The contract is signed in the Czech language and is listed here. Its translation into Russian language is given here and its English translation is here.


The electronic application form for one semester preparatory course is published on the web of the ICJ or UCT Prague here, the English version is here and Russian version is here. The contract is signed in the Czech language and it is listed here, its translation into Russian language is given here and the English translation is here.


Each participant of the preparatory course will receive the original documents from the ICJ, on which he is entitled at the place of residence to apply for settlement of long-term visa for the purpose of "studying" in the Czech Republic. Status "student" then simplifies the procedures associated with the extension of his stay in the Czech Republic and provides many other benefits.


Information in other languages

Information about the preparatory program in the Czech language are listed here.

Information about the preparatory program in Russian language are listed here.


Accommodation in Prague

For participants in the preparatory program UCT Prague provides accommodation and catering at the student college Volha (http://www.vscht-suz.cz/ubytovani/o-studentskych-kolejich). These services are not included in the program.


Successful completion of the program

On the basis of a successful completion of the program and regular attendance is issued the UCT Prague Certificate of completion of the preparatory program.



With the admission to the preparatory program is every student assigned to curator ICJ, who helps candidates and assist in addressing issues related to adaptation in the new environment.


ICJ provides:

  • Cooperation in validation, which is the recognition of achieved level of foreign education by authorities of the Czech Republic.
  • Health insurance for clients, which is one of the conditions for getting visa to the Czech Republic (this service is not included in the program).
  • Consultation on choosing a suitable accredited bachelor's or master's degree program and field for study at UCT Prague.
  • Assistance in filing applications for university.
  • Transfer from the airport or train station (this service is not included in the program).
  • Synergies in addressing issues related to visa issues and communication with government authorities of the Czech Republic.

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