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ECTS Diploma Label


Ensuring your Transcripts and Degree are Transferable across Europe

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) was designed by the European Commission to enable students to pursue part of their studies abroad; it also helps partner universities compare and mutually-accredit their study programmes. 

ECTS is based on a comparison of particular requirements concerning individual subjects and takes into account the time needed by each student to pass an examination in any given subject (i.e. time devoted to lectures, seminars, and self-study). 

ECTS makes it easier for students to choose from study programmes offered by partner schools abroad. Students may use the ECTS system provided that they themselves, their home university and the partner university abroad approve the suggested study programme.

Students who have successfully completed study programmes abroad may continue their studies with no difficulties, because their study period abroad (and their credits) will be assigned to official records at their home universities.

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