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Erasmus+ Traineeship

UCT Prague accepts students for Erasmus+ Traineeship programme from any university that is part of the Erasmus+ programme. The application process is very similar to Erasmus+ application for courses. The trainees are expected to know the area of the research they would like to participate on. This is basis for finding a supervisor at our university.

There are three steps in applying for an Erasmus+ Traineeship

  1. Nomination by the sending institution
  2. Finding a supervisor
  3. Submitting application documents 


Only students who fulfil all 3 steps will be accepted for a traineeship.


1. Nomination by the sending institution

Nominations for traineeships shall be sent by the sending institution (International Office or supervisor) by email to: incoming@vscht.cz

Nominations for traineeships are accepted during the whole academic year.

Erasmus+ traineeship has minimum length of 2 months.


2. Finding a supervisor

Below you can find links to our faculties’ websites together with contact information to faculty Erasmus+ Coordinators.

On the websites you can find information about the faculty’s departments and their current research. After you will choose a faculty and topic of your research, please contact the faculty’s coordinator, who can help you find a suitable supervisor. You are also welcome to address a potential supervisor directly (in this case please keep the faculty coordinator in copy).

In your email to the faculty coordinator/potential supervisor there is space to introduce yourself, present your experiences and background, state how long traineeship you would like to take, describe what area you are interested in etc. Following attachments should be included:

  • CV
  • Transcript of records
  • Motivational letter for the specific laboratory/research topic

After you will have a supervisor, the Department of International Relations (incoming@vscht.cz) should receive a written confirmation from him/her (by email), that you are accepted for a traineeship and at which dates.


For those who would be interested in the project or internship in the Faculty of Environmental Technology, we suggest checking the offer from the Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering - their infosheet provides you with all the necessary information for the application process - the task description, literature, requirements, etc.

To find out more and apply, send your CV and cover letter to Ing. Vojtěch Kouba, Ph.D.: kouba.vojta@gmail.com

ERASMUS+ Faculty Coordinators

Faculty of Chemical Technology

prof. Dr. Ing. Karel Bouzek


Faculty of Environmental Technology

doc. Ing. David Kubička, Ph.D. MBA.


Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology

Ing. Monika Tomaniová, Ph.D.


Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Ing. Pavel Hrnčiřík, Ph.D

3. Submitting application documents

The application documents should be sent by email to incoming@vscht.cz

(Please send scans of signed documents in .pdf or picture format.)

UCT Prague uses no original documents anymore. If they are required by the sending institution, the original documents shall be first sent by email, then hard copies shall be sent to:

University of Chemistry and Technology, International Relations Office, Adéla Habartová, Technická 3, 166 28 Prague 6 – Dejvice

The documents will be signed and sent back to your home institution’s postal address.

Medical assessment

Work in the laboratories involves direct contact with chemicals that might endanger the health of the student as well as put into danger the health of other persons. For this reason the Medical assessment of fitness to study at UCT Prague is requested. 

Students coming for traineeship have to submit the confirmed form together with their application.

Documents to be submitted:

I. Student Application form >

(the document should be signed by the student)

II. Learning Agreement for Traineeships >

(the document should be signed by the student, by the sending university and by UCT supervisor and by UCT International Coordinator Adela Habartova)

III. Medical assessment form >

IV. Confirmation of English knowledge >

Required only if English is your second language.

The minimum requirement is level B1, preferably B2 and above, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

The confirmation can be provided in form of internationally recognised certificate.

Accepted Certificates:

  • Cambridge ESOL: minimum PET/FCE
  • TOEFL iBT: minimum score 80
  • IELTS: minimum band score 5.0

In case you don't have any certificate you can use following formats (all of them should be signed, stamped and include your name and your level according to CEFR):

  • Certificate issued by a language center in the sending institution 
  • Certificate issued by a language school 
  • Confirmation of language knowledge confirmed by a language center or a language school 
  • Certificate from OLS test (Online Linguistic Support)

V. Transcript of records

Transcript of records is an official list of courses you have finished during your studies with grades. The document is to be in English and confirmed by your university.

VI. Confirmation of Health insurance and Liability insurance

The copy of your insurance will be requested upon your arrival. 


After fulfilling all 3 steps (UCT will have the official nomination, all application documents and name of the supervisor), the students will receive an email confirmation that they are accepted for the traineeship.


Starting and finishing the traineeship:

Once you are accepted for a traineeship it is only possible to cancel the traineeship in exceptional cases (good reason should be provided, it has to be announced enough time in advance). This is because our laboratories are reserving the place for you (other applicants might be rejected, reservations for instruments are done, coworkers are registered for you etc.) which makes it very complicated for us to cancel the planned traineeships at last minute.

Traineeships can start at any time during the academic year, based on the agreement between you and your UCT supervisor. The trainees should visit Department of International Relations after their arrival and before their depature (earliest 3 days before the departure).

The visit after the arrival is to confirm their arrival and to activate the trainee’s account.

Download the Traineeship checklist which includes the most important information about what you have to do before, during and after your traineeship >

Before arrival

Before departure

More information available also in section Before Leaving.

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