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Join us for our online Open House, Feb. 6


  • Saturday, February 6, 2021
    • Virtual room for international students is open 9 AM–12:30 PM & 1 PM–4:30PM (Central European Time = UTC+1)


Join the event

 ◳ inmpromtme (jpg) → (šířka 450px)For the online Open Day, we have chosen the professional scientific conference platform ImpromtMe.


We recommend you to use desktop and web app in web browser.

On a smartphone download the app ImpromtMe for iOS nebo Android. After instalation do not register, just click on “Guest log-in" and put code VSCHT.


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Discover the world, create the future

You may think that studying at UCT Prague is only about chemistry, as you know it from secondary school laboratories. That would be a mistake. Thanks to our modern educational approach, you can become a part of great developments here. Among other things, we develop cosmic materials, save historical monuments, uncover common and unusual crimes, and even brew beer. Yes, that’s chemistry too.

The real magic of our field is that it enables you to explore the world in depth. This gives you a chance to shape its future. We will be happy to convince you of this during our Open House.


UCT Prague online Open House

Everyone who is interested in studying at our university is welcome.  Are you eager to discover the world and create the future? Our virtual doors are open to you!

What will you learn?

Everything. If you’re prepared, you will not be surprised.

  • Find out which study programme and faculty may offer you the best opportunities.
  • You will learn how bachelor studies function, as well as master and doctoral studies.
  • We will reveal where your career can lead after graduation.
  • Discover the possibilities for on-the-job internships and studying abroad.
  • Find out what formalities are required to apply.
  • Let us inform you about buddy programme, dormitory accommodation, tuition fees, scholarships and so on.

Whom will you meet? Everyone. Above all, UCT is about people.

  • Instructors who would like to share their knowledge with you.
  • Students, so you can get to know life at the university, behind-the-scenes.
  • Admissions officers who know the functioning of the university down to the last molecule.


You can also take part on a virtual university tour and enjoy a one-hour of Czech modern music.

More information about studying at UCT Prague


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