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Your study stay at UCT, Prague


Starting your stay

Students applying for studies are studying together with Erasmus+ exchange students and their stay is starting with Orientation Week and Enrolment Day (see Academic Calendar).

For students applying for a traineeship the start of the traineeship depends on agreement with their UCT supervisor. They should also visit Department of International Relations after their arrival to activate their university account.

Foreign Police Reporting Duty

All foreigners have to register their stay in the Czech Republic at Foreign Police offices.

EU and Non-EU students Living in Residence Halls

Registration of your stay in the Czech Republic at the Czech Foreign Police is not necessary if you are staying in the Volha or Sázava residence halls; the residence halls will register on your behalf.

EU students in Private Residences

If you are from the EU and will not live in Volha or Sázava, you are obliged to register at the Foreign Police office within 30 days after your arrival if your stay in the Czech Republic exceeds 30 days.

Non-EU Students in Private Residences

All non-EU students who do not live in Volha or Sázava must register at the Czech Foreign Police within 3 days after their arrival. This duty also applies to those visa students who are due to pick up their long-term or permanent residence permits in the Czech Republic.

Other information

More detailed information about arriving to UCT Prague is also available here.


Finishing your stay

All exchange students are asked to visit Department of International Relations before their departure (earliest 3 days before the departure date) and bring Departure checklist > with stamps from computer centre, library and dormitories (in case they are staying there).

Any confirmations (e.g.: certificate of attendance) from their home university can also be signed during this visit.

You can also use our form, please fill it in and bring it prited to the Department of International Relations. 

Students who are at UCT, Prague for studies are asked to bring also their Student Book, so that we can issue a Transcript of Records for their home university.

After the end of the study exchange UCT Prague can provide Transcript of records (for students coming for studies), traineeship evaluation (in case of traineeship) and certificate of attendance (confirming the dates, when the student was at our university).

Moving out of the UCT Prague dormitories

If you live in the UCT Prague dormitories, you are asked to announce your departure date to the Accommodation Office and Department of International Relations one month in advance and familiarise yourself with the residence moving out instructions. Please check that you paid your rent or other housing-related bills as well.

More info: http://www.esnuct.cz/living/after/

Other information

More detailed information about leaving from UCT Prague is also available here.

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