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PhD topics for academic year 2021/2022

Department of Gaseous and Solid Fuels and Air protection

Faculty of Environmental Technology

Carbon dioxide removal from flue gases produced by the combustion of fosil fuels and biomass in large energetic boilers

Ciahotný Karel, doc. Ing. CSc. ( cia...@vscht.cz)
The work is focused on the development of a suitable technological process for removing carbon dioxide from flue gases produced by the combustion of fossil fuels and biomass in large energy boilers. The technology should be used for flue gas cleaning at temperatures from 50 to 90 ° C. The development of suitable functionalized adsorbents with an liquid phase based on organic amines and imines is expected, which will ensure the chemical bonding of carbon dioxide on the surface of the adsorbent and thus its sufficient adsorption capacity for CO2. Regeneration of the saturated sorbent is assumed by heating it to temperatures of 120 - 180 ° C with steam. It is necessary to find suitable carrier (activated carbon, inorganic sorbents) and such a reagent, which will show good interconnection, so that there is no loss of organic reagent in the regeneration process. At the same time, the organic reagent must ensure a high affinity for CO2. Another goal of the work is to find a suitable way of anchoring the organic agent on the inner surface of the sorbent.
Faculty of Environmental Technology

Determination of the composition of natural gas using Raman spectroscopy

Hlinčík Tomáš, doc. Ing. Ph.D. ( Tom...@vscht.cz)
Natural gas contains hydrocarbon and inert components which can be commonly determined using gas chromatography. Utilization Ramana spectroscopy for analysis of substances contained in the natural gas has not been more widely studied and the use of spectral methods has great potential in the future compared with chromatographic methods. The aim of this work is the study of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the components of natural gas using Raman spectroscopy.
Faculty of Environmental Technology

Heavy metals removal from flue gas produced during combustion of coal

Ciahotný Karel, doc. Ing. CSc. ( cia...@vscht.cz)
Vagenknechtová Alice, Ing. Ph.D. ( ali...@vscht.cz)
The work is focused on testing of adsorbents suitable to the mercury removal from the flue gases produced by the brown coal combustion. The goal is to find the optimal adsorbents to allow effective removal of mercury from power plant flue gases produced by combustion of the Czech Brown, to estimate their adsorption capacities for mercury under the conditions of power plant flue gas adsorption (high temperature and high humidity) and the possibility of the eventual regeneration of saturated adsorbents. The work is part of the grant project TACR.
Faculty of Environmental Technology

Influence of hydrogen in natural gas on the gas infrastructure

Hlinčík Tomáš, doc. Ing. Ph.D. ( Tom...@vscht.cz)
Tenkrát Daniel, Ing. Ph.D. ( ten...@vscht.cz)
The thesis is focused on the study of different hydrogen content in natural gas and its influence on the gas infrastructure. At present, hydrogen is intended to be added to natural gas either as a pure gas or for example as a part of the gas produced by the catalytic hydrogenation of carbon dioxide. The issue of adding hydrogen to natural gas involves, in particular, mixing of hydrogen with natural gas in the pipeline system, influence on the calorific value and combustion properties, influence on the measuring and analytical systems, sealing systems, influence on natural gas compression at compressor stations, reduction of transport capacity, reduction of methane number or limiting factors during the storage of hydrogen - natural gas mixtures.
Faculty of Environmental Technology

Material degradation in flue gas and CO2 environment at high temperature

Hlinčík Tomáš, doc. Ing. Ph.D. ( Tom...@vscht.cz)
Berka Jan, Ing. Ph.D. ( jan...@vscht.cz)
Development principles: - ve vhodných zdrojích vyhledejte údaje o degradaci, korozi a změnách vlastností vybraných kovových materiálů ve spalinách, prostředí CO2 a dalších podobných plynných prostředích - Orientační přehled materiálů: P91, 316, 316 L, Alloy 800H, Inconel 617, Inconel 713, Inconel 738 - další materiály dle upřesnění vedoucího práce a konzultantů - získané znalosti aplikujte na zhodnocení výsledků dosud uskutečněných testů materiálů na Ú216 VŠCHT v rámci projektu NF - závěry, výstupy a doporučení formulujte v písemné práci (zprávě k projektu)
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