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Doctoral Study Programme, Faculty of Chemical Technology


The aim of the doctoral study program Bioinformatics is to prepare experts with comprehensive knowledge of information technologies, data analysis and molecular biology. A key part of the graduate profile is the ability to process, analyze, model and interpret experimental data obtained by modern high-throughput methods, such as genomic, transcriptomic or bioactivity data. The main objective of the study is to acquire programming and analytical skills and to apply these in order to understand the behavior of complex biological systems at the molecular level. An integral part of the study is the independent creative work and the professional guidance of students of the Master's and Bachelor's degree programs.


The graduate of doctoral study programme Bioinformatics possesses deep knowledge of various branches of molecular biology and informatics and has an insight into the methodology of scientific work, modern laboratory techniques and advanced statistical methods and the extraction of knowledge from the data. The combination of science and informatics education and the interdisciplinary perspective give graduates good conditions for working in interdisciplinary teams, where they become valuable links between natural and computer scientists. Such profiled graduate will find use in a wide range of areas where data obtained by instrumental analysis of a biological sample is processed. These include, for example, pharmaceutical industry, medical research and health, biotechnology, food and agriculture industry. Bioionformatics graduates can also lean on broad and versatile knowledge of computer science and find a job in the IT industry, particularly in data analytics.


Study Language Czech
Duration 4 years
Form of study full time + combined
Place of study Praha
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