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Stories of our successful alumni

foto_thea (ořez 215*215px)

Thea Baum


Thea Baum came to the UCT Prague to study Science and Biotechnology Master program. She graduated in 2015 and then she started looking for a job, which, she says, was relatively easy after pursuing her degree at the UCT Prague.


Thea, where are you working currently?

In PharmInvent. I work as a Scientific and Regulatory Specialist in Pharmaceuticals Regulatory Affairs sector.


That sounds interesting, how did you get this job?

Well, it was relatively easy to find a job after my graduation...


→ whole interview

foto_Ernesto (ořez 215*215px)

Ernesto Lopez Morales


Ernesto Lopez Morales is a likeable Mexican guy, currently living in Canada. It has been 8 years since he completed his degree in Food Preservation and Meat Technology at the UCT (in 2009) and we were curious how he looks back at his studies in Prague after such a long time.


How did you enjoy your study in Czech Republic?

It was an amazing experience. Study abroad is completely different from studying in your own country...


→ whole interview

foto_NaveenKSathu (ořez 215*215px)

Naveen Kumar Sathu


Naveen Kumar Sathu completed his Ph. D. studies at UCT in 2012. Currently, he works as a scientist in the SABIC Research & Technology. How does he think back of his studies at UCT? How did it contribute to get his dream job at SABIC R&D? Here are some of the questions we asked him in our interview.


What did you like about UCT?

I really enjoyed the open culture. Everybody was very friendly, both students and professors. You could feel the support and the encouragement from the faculty and other students...


→ whole interview

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