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Physical Chemistry
List of Study Sub-programmes

Physical Chemistry

Doctoral Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Chemical Engineering


This field of the study is focused on the scientific and independent progressive creative work in the broad field of advanced physical chemistry including both theoretical and experimental studies. The topics comprise advanced theoretical and experimental chemical thermodynamics (both chemical and phase equilibria), various computer simulations mainly of biologically relevant systems, theory of fluids, theoretical photodynamics and photochemistry, experimental plasmonics and near-field/surface enhanced spectroscopies, study of membrane properties and development of their use for separation processes and physicochemical description of multicomponent fluid-phase systems. The graduates from this field of study will gain deep general knowledge of physical and computational chemistry; experimental and interpretative skills in the specialized fields like thermodynamics; photochemistry and photophysics; surface and interface chemistry; membrane separation science; vibrational spectroscopy; plasmonics and optical nanoimaging; molecular electrochemistry and molecular beam reactions. These special skills are determined by the topic of the thesis; and may range from the theoretical computational chemistry to experimental studies related either to unique instrument development or to precise and reliable data acquisition of physicochemical characteristics of matter.


The graduates from this study will find employment in basic and applied research in the fields of physical chemistry; chemical physics, computational chemistry, photophysics, theoretical photochemistry and nanotechnology; at universities; institutes of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and in advanced research centers both in the Czech Republic and abroad.


Study Language Czech
Duration 4 years
Form of study full time + combined
Place of study Praha
Capacity 15 students
Study Programme Chemistry (code P1417)
Study sub-programme code 1404V001
Detailed information at departments Department of Physical Chemistry
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