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Applied Chemistry (focus on Inorganic, Organic or Macromolecular Chemistry)
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Applied Chemistry (focus on Inorganic, Organic or Macromolecular Chemistry)

Master Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Chemical Technology


The programme aims to extend students' knowledge gained at the Bachelor degree studies and to prepare top level experts in fundamental chemical disciplines - inorganic, organic, macromolecular, physical and analytical chemistry. Students gain deep theoretical knowledge of the above disciplines and also practical experience in the field of synthesis, isolation and characterization of chemical substances. The programme also aims to provide students good orientation in chemical problems in a broad context. Compulsory courses included in the programme extend general knowledge of chemistry oriented disciplines. Optional courses allow students to specialize in a particular area according to their choice.


The graduates can find jobs primarily in laboratories oriented either to basic or applied research or in analytical laboratories. They may also work in small-scale production of specialty chemicals or in the pharmaceutical industry. As the graduates are well informed also in a number of areas related to their branch of studies they can easily adapt for a variety of other jobs. They can work in administration and in supervisory bodies. The graduates are also prepared to continue their studies at the PhD level.


Study Language English
Duration 2 years
Form of study full time
Place of study Praha
Capacity 10 students
Study Programme Chemistry and Technology (code N2843)
Study sub-programme code 2802T014
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