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Doctoral Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Chemical Technology


The field of study is focused on various kinds of advanced metallic materials like high-strength and thermally resistant light-weight alloys and intermetallics for highly demanding applications, metallic biomaterials for permanent and temporary medical implants, nano-crystalline alloys, highly corrosion resistant materials for power and building industry, historical materials for objects of cultural heritage etc. In addition, processes of metal recovery from wastes and advanced surface treatment processes of metallic materials improving corrosion resistance, mechanical performance and biocompatibility are studied. During the study and experimental works students obtain fundamental knowledge on the relationships between preparation of materials, their internal structure, mechanical and chemical properties. Kinetics and mechanisms of corrosion reactions, phase transformations, mechanical strengthtening processes, physical phenomena of metallic materials and chemical reactions during waste processing are studied. Students meet advanced experimental methods for preparation of novel materials and surface layers, as well as for complex characterization of their internal structure, mechanical and physical properties, corrosion behavior.


The graduates have comprehensive knowledge of metallic materials, metallurgical processes and technologies, corrosion processes and corrosion protection. They find employment in basic and applied research of metallic materials, metallurgy, corrosion, corrosion protection and surface treatment processes at academic institutions, universities, research and technological centres. The graduates can also find employment in materials, metallurgy, power or chemistry oriented industry at higher management positions connected with technology, research and development.


Study Language Czech
Duration 4 years
Form of study full time + combined
Place of study Praha
Capacity 10 students
Study Programme Chemistry and Technology of Materials (code P2833)
Study sub-programme code 2109V009
Detailed information at departments Department of Metals and Corrosion Engineering
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