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Chemistry of Materials
List of Study Sub-programmes

Chemistry of Materials

Master Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Chemical Technology


The programme has been designed to continue the education of graduates of Bachelor degree studies oriented towards materials sciences. The general knowledge gained at the Bachelor level is extended and deepened in courses focused mainly on physical chemistry of materials, materials engineering and materials technologies. Students may concentrate on individual groups of material by a proper choice of optional courses. Substantial part of studies is devoted to laboratory projects aimed at further development of students' capabilities of a self-reliant solution of research, design and technological problems.


The graduates can hold qualified positions in materials-oriented industries and in commercial companies. They are able to work both in production plants and in research, development and design institutions. The graduates easily adapt to changing conditions. The graduates are also prepared to continue their studies at the PhD level.


Study Language English
Duration 2 years
Form of study full time
Place of study Praha
Capacity 10 students
Study Programme Chemistry and Technology (code N2843)
Study sub-programme code 2808T033
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