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Organic Technology
List of Study Sub-programmes

Organic Technology

Doctoral Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Chemical Technology


Organic Technology sub-programme builds on Master sub-programmes Engineering and Technology and Applied Chemistry. The aim of the doctoral study is to prepare graduates for mangement and optimization of processes in chemical industry as well as for research and development of chemical specialties. Therefore, this sub-programme is principally oriented at modernization of current technologies of organic substances as well as development of new ones, from basic intermediates and products that are produced in large scale to small tonnage fine chemicals, e.g. biologically active substances, fragrance and flavour substances, surfactants. Chemical transformation occurs in majority of cases in catalytic reactors and therefore requires detailled study of preparation, properties and behaviour of various homogenous and heterogenous catalysts. Students will gain theoretical nad practical knowledge and experience with modern separation, optical and thermal instrumental methods, with computer simulations of reaction and separation processes, with processing of results of laboratory experiments and idustrial data. The area of environmental chemistry is emphasised too, the main focus being chemical, photochemical and photocatalytic removal of undesirable organic substances from the environment. The sub-programme offers wide variety of dissertation theses– from significantly experimentally oriented to those focused on mathematical modelling, computer simulation and statistical evaluation of data, but more often featuring a combination of these.


Graduates can find their jobs in basic and applied research focused on bulk organic technologies, special chemical technologies as well as pharmaceutical technologies, at university departments or at the Academy of Sciences, at research and technology centres in the Czech Republic and abroad. Moreover, the graduates may become useful members of laboratory teams in research institutes and industrial businesses or hold senior management positions related to research and development.


Study Language Czech
Duration 4 years
Form of study full time + combined
Place of study Praha
Capacity 20 students
Study Programme Chemistry and Chemical Technologies (code P2832)
Study sub-programme code 2801V003
Detailed information at departments Department of Organic Technology
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