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Food Chemistry and Analysis
List of Study Sub-programmes

Food Chemistry and Analysis

Doctoral Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology


The goal of study is to educate specialists with a deep knowledge in the field of food chemistry, food / feed analysis and human nutrition - reflecting the current state of the art in respective scientific field and with the vision of future developments / challenges. The students will get not only an extensive theoretical knowledge but also broad practical experience in laboratories equipped with the modern instrumentation. The courses provided to future specialist are focused on reaction occurring in food during processing transportation and /or storage. The major parameters of foodstuffs such as nutritional value, sensory properties and safety are under focus, food supplements are also issue of concern. Special attention is paid to advanced analytical strategies applicable for efficient control of chemical contaminants / residues / toxicants, attention is also paid to modern omics strategies enabling fighting food fraud and studies of biologically active food components. As regards human nutrition, some courses are concerned also with medical aspect associated with this area.


The graduate is expert prepared for various roles in leading positions requiring application of a comprehensive knowledge in the field of food chemistry, food analysis, food safety, nutrition and environmental protection. The graduate is prepared for the management / performing a research both in private sector and governmental institutions. In addition to these positions, graduates thanks to an intensive courses focused on human nutrition as advisors and /or coordinators.


Study Language Czech
Duration 4 years
Form of study full time + combined
Place of study Praha
Capacity 20 students
Study Programme Food Chemistry and Technology (code P2906)
Study sub-programme code 2901V004
Detailed information at departments Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition
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