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Environmental Chemistry and Technology
List of Study Sub-programmes

Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Doctoral Study Sub-programme, Faculty of Environmental Technology


The aim of the Ph.D. study program is to train experts with deep knowledge of environmental and related chemical and biochemical disciplines, informatics and mathematical modeling. Ph.D. studies build on this foundation and deepen knowledge in wide scale of environmental areas such as: analytical methods for monitoring the of water and air quality and soil contamination; technologies for drinking water production, wastewater treatment; sludge treatment, solid waste management and soil decontamination technologies; removal of air pollutants. An important part of the study is also the prevention of all forms of waste, recycling and recovery as renewable resources. Students are trained in solution of complex research projects.


Alumni are employed in research, training, design and other institutions, in environmental departments of public administration from local level up to ministries. They can work as well as managers and technologists of companies operating water and energy infrastructure and in industrial plants.


Study Language Czech
Duration 4 years
Form of study full time + combined
Place of study Praha
Capacity 25 students
Study Programme Enviromental Chemistry and Technology (code P2834)
Study sub-programme code 2805V002
Detailed information at departments Department of Environmental Chemistry
Department of Gaseous and Solid Fuels and Air protection
Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering
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