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Data for 2018/2019

General and Inorganic Chemistry II

Credits 5
Hours per week 2 / 2 / 0
Examination C+Ex
Study Language English
Level Bachelor subject
Guarantor prof. Dr. Ing. David Sedmidubský
Supplemental electronic materials available at UCT Prague's e-learning


The course extends the knowledge and skills acquired in the GIC I course. It covers the symmetry of polyatomic molecules, theory of molecular orbitals, chemical bonding in coordination complexes, concept of Lewis acids and bases, principles of solid state chemistry, chemical bonding in solids, phase and chemical equilibrium, basic electrochemistry and selected methods and synthesis techniques in the field of advanced and applied inorganic chemistry.




R:Housecroft C.E., Sharpe A.G.: Inorganic Chemistry, Person Education Limited, 4th edition,Edinburg 2014

R: M.T. Weller, T.L. Overton, J.P. Rourke and F.A. Armstrong, Inorganic Chemistry,Oxford University press, OX2 6DP, 6th edition, Oxford 2014

A: G.Wulfsberg, Inorganic Chemistry, University Science Books, 2000

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