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Data for 2018/2019

Fundamentals of Pharmacology

Credits 3
Hours per week 2 / 0 / 0
Examination Ex
Study Language English
Level Bachelor subject
Guarantor Ing. Kamila Syslová, Ph.D.


Basic Pharmacology is focused on obtaining fundamental information regarding interaction between drug and biological system (organism). The subject is divided into two basic areas: (1) general pharmacology, which is focused on the general aspects of the interaction between chemical substance (drug molecule) and is subdivided on the pharmacokinetics which studied mentioned interaction from the time point of view e.g. fate of the drug in the body and pharmacodynamics which studied the effect and mechanism of the effect of the drug in the body), and (2) special pharmacology, where students learn about the effects of basic pharmacological groups of pharmacs on organism (e.g. Analgesics, Anestetics, Sedatives, Hypnotics, Sympatomietics, Sympatolytics, Parasympathomimetics, Parasympatholytics, etc.).


1. Pharmacology basic terms and definitions.

2. Pharmacokinetis - fate of a xenobiotics in the organism.

3. Pharmacodynamics - receptor theory, general rules.

4. Effects of drugs. Drug administration. Factors modifying effects of drugs on the organism.

5. Drugs of autonomic nervous system.

6. Drugs that acts in central nervous system.

7. Cardiovascular-renal dugs.

8. Drugs of breath system.

9. Drugs acting in gastrointestinal tract.

10. Drugs with important with important actions on smooth muscles.

11. Drugs used to treat diseases of blood and inflammation.

12. Endocrine drugs

13. Chemotherapeutic drugs.

14. Special topics (Vaccines, immune globulins, complex biological products)



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