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Engineering in Chemical and Pharmaceutical Processes

Credits 5
Hours per week 2 / 2 / 0
Examination Ex
Study Language English
Level Master subject
Guarantor prof. Ing. Petr Zámostný, Ph.D.
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Chemical and Pharmaceutical Process Engineering course is aimed at providing the understanding of the unit operations employed in the pharmaceutical industry, in the chemical part of API synthesis, as well as in the dosage form manufacturing. Operations or their aspects that are beyond the scope of general chemical engineering courses constitute the essential part of this course. The understanding of the unit operations and process principles is supported by substantial amount of insight into properties of particulate solids, considering their key role in contemporary solid dosage forms design and manufacturing, and also by introductory course into the process control and safety.

Students are assigned individual projects aimed at developing simple chemical or pharmaceutical proceess according to specifications and performing simulations of process sensitivity to various parameters. Written report is required prior examination.


1. Characteristics and characterization of particles and particulate systems
2. Introduction to Mechanics of particulate solids
3. Particle size reduction and classification
4. High-shear and fluidized bed wet granulation
5. Roller compaction, extrusion, and follow-up processes
6. Characteristics of disperse systems, mixing, blending of powders
7. Transport, storage, and dosing of powders, fluids and slurries
8. Heat and mass transfer in pharmaceutical processes
9. Separation of particles from fluids
10. Chemical reactors in pharmaceutical industry
11. Introduction to bioreactors and bioprocessing
12. General approaches to scaling up processes
13. Introduction to process control
14. Safety considerations in chemical and pharmaceutical processes


Rhodes M., Introduction to Particle Technology, Wiley 2008, 0471984833.
Fogler H. S.: Elements of Reaction Engineering, Prentice Hall, New Jersey 2000.
Levin M.: Pharmaceutical process scale up, Decker, New York 2002.
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