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Data for 2018/2019

Chemical Informatics

Credits 2
Hours per week 0 / 2 / 0
Examination C
Study Language English
Level Bachelor subject
Guarantor Ing. Jiří Jirát, Ph.D.
Supplemental electronic materials available at UCT Prague's e-learning


Introductory course aimed at getting basic necessary skills for work with scientific chemistry literature, chemistry and multiple-fields databases. Hands-on training are integral part of the course, ensuring required skills are properly trained.


1. Introduction, information flow in science
2. Scholar article - structure, citations
3. Identifiers of publications - ISBN, ISSN, DOI. Boole algebra, Internet search engines
4. Citations, citation databases: Web of Science, Scopus
5. Chemical structures - representation, identifiers, linear notation, connection tables, structure editors
6. Chemical Abstracts - history, structure of the printed version. SciFinder - introduction, bibliographic searching
7. Chemical Abstracts - chemical compounds - nomenclature, CAS RN, summary formulas. Bibliographic data for different types of processed documents. SciFinder - structure and reaction searching
8. Beilstein and Gmelin - history. Reaxys database
9. Patents - patenting procedure
10. Standards - standards development, types of standards. ČSN, ISO, CEN
11. Publishing process - past, present, future. Open access
12. Excursion to joint ICT Prague and NTK library



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