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Data for 2018/2019

Hydrocarbons Analysis and Environment

Credits 5
Hours per week 3 / 0 / 0
Examination Ex
Study Language English
Level Master subject
Guarantor prof. Ing. Milan Pospíšil, CSc.




1. Hydrocarbons and other organic compounds, their impact on environment.
2. Sampling of hydrocarbons from air, filtration, adsorption, absorption, chemisorption, jerrican systems.
3. Enrichment of hydrocarbons from aqueous solutions, soil and solid matrices, extraction, SPME, head space analysis.
4. HPLC, instrumentation.
5. GC, instrumentation.
6. MS, basics of spectra interpretation.
7. IR, basics of spectra interpretation.
8. UV/VIS and FLU, basics of spectra interpretation.
9. Practical aspects of qualitative and quantitative analysis, identification of compounds in complex mixtures, basic chemometry
10. Trace and ultratrace analysis of hydrocarbons in environment
11. Volatile hydrocarbons in emissions and atmosphere, basic legislation, analytical procedures, practical examples.
12. Hydrocarbons in aqueous matrices, basic legislation, analytical procedures, practical examples.
13. Polyaromatic hydrocarbons in environment, basic legislation, analytical procedures, practical examples.
14. Solid samples, basic legislation, analytical procedures, practical examples.


Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon Criteria Working Group Series,Vol.1: Analysis of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Environmental Media, March 1998, Amherst Scientific Publishers, ISBN 1-884-940-14-5

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