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Water Management in Industry

Credits 5
Hours per week 3 / 0 / 0
Examination Ex
Study Language English
Level Master subject
Guarantor Ing. Jan Bindzar, Ph.D.


This course provides the students with information about water use in industry. For example, the following subjects are discussed: water sources in industry; industrial wastewaters - their sources, approaches to their treatment, legislation concerning their discharge, etc. The students are introduced into the problems of water management in the most water-intensive industries and in agriculture - lectures deal with such topic as water consumption, typical pollutants in wastewaters or suitable techniques of wastewater treatment in concrete industrial branches.


1. Water management in industry.
2. Industrial wastewater discharge - into a public sewer system and into a water course.
3. Dangerous substances and hazardous wastes in industry.
4. Mining waters, ore and coal processing.
5. Metallurgical industry, coke and gas production.
6. Surface treatment of metals.
7. Cooling water, combustion and nuclear power plants.
8. Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
9. Oil refineries a biofuel production.
10. Pulp and paper mills.
11. Textile and tanning industry, glass manufacturing industry.
12. Food industry.
13. Rendering plants.
14. Wastewaters a wastes in agriculture.



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