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Data for 2018/2019

Water Technology-Laboratory

Credits 5
Hours per week 0 / 0 / 8
Examination C
Study Language English
Level Master subject


Laboratory Course in Water Technology follows up the courses of Biological Wastewater Treatment, Anaerobic Digestion and Water Treatment. Students can apply their teoretical knowledge from these courses and will practise the basic methods of water and wastewater treatment in laboratory scale.


1. Hydraulic characteristic.
2. Sludge thickening and dewatering.
3. Adsorption from the aqueous solutions.
4. Ion exchange water treatment.
5. Iron and manganese removal.
6. Precipitation.
7. Anaerobic digestion.
8. Kinetic of the substrate removal.
9. Respiration rate.
10. Oxygenation capacity of the aeration system.
11. Biodegradability of the organic compounds.
12. Coagulation.
13. Fenton reaction.
14. Field trip.


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