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Microbiology: Laboratory

Credits 3
Hours per week 0 / 0 / 5
Examination MC
Study Language English
Level Bachelor subject
Guarantor doc. Ing. Petra Lovecká, Ph.D.
doc. RNDr. Jarmila Pazlarová, CSc.


In this course, we will learn techniques used in microbiology and how they affect all aspects of our lives. This is an undergraduate laboratory course to learn and explore a variety of
microbiological techniques, skills and concepts. Topics that will be covered include visualization and enumeration of microbes.


Teaching of Laboratory Excercise of Microbiology is organized in 5 weeks program. Every week includes two working days - one longer and one shorter.
1st week: safety rules in microbiological laboratory, preparation of sterile medium in flasks and test tubes, sterilization of pipettes and other instruments, defined and complex media, inoculation techiques of bacteria and yeasts, microscopy of natives and stained yeasts and bacteria, Gram staining of chosen bacterial representatives,
2nd week: isolation techniques of microorganisms, streaking technique for isolation of two strains from the mixture, microscopy of yeasts, types of vegetative reproduction, vitality test of yeasts by methylen blue staining, use of Thoma chamber for enumeration of yeasts, isolation of mixture of two yeasts species,
3rd week: factors influencing bacterial growth (temperature, presence of organic dyes, UV irradiation, antibiotics), continuation of the bacterial and yeasts izolation, biochemical tests
4th week: growth curve of bacteria (Escherichia coli), calculation of growth rate by optical density measurement (growth rate, time of lag, generation time), microscopy of micromycetes, main representatives of molds, estimation of coliform bacteria in a food sample, application of ENTERO-test for the identification of izolates, fermentative test for yeasts identification
5th week:evaluation of izolation methods, submission of results: names of two bacterial and two yeasts strins, microscopical identification of anonymous micromycetes, disposal of all used microbial cultures, closing test.


D: Atlas R.M., Principles of Microbiology, Wm C. Brown Publischers, 1997, 0-8151-0889-3

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