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Biology I

Credits 4
Hours per week 3 / 0 / 0
Examination Ex
Study Language English
Level Bachelor subject
Guarantor doc. Ing. Lenka Burketová, CSc.
prof. Ing. Pavel Kotrba, Ph.D.


The course provides overview of features shared by living systems, origin of life and development of livings and introduces the structure and function relationship at the levels ranging from molecular entities, through organization of the (particularly eukaryotic) cell and tissues to the relationship of organisms in an ecosystem. It further provides an insight into mechanisms underlying, transmission and expression of genetic information, heredity, ontogenesis of the cell and organism and evolution and introduces the diversity of modern organisms.


1. Science of Biology; Origin of Life and Hierarchy of Biological Organization
2. The Chemistry of Life - Water, Structure and Functions of (Macro)Molecules of Life
3. Viruses; Biological Membrane
4. The Cell and Evolution of the Cell; Non-Organellar Structures of Cell
5. The Organelles of Cell
6. Cell Reproduction and Ontogenesis
7. Genetics - Chromosomal and Molecular Bases of Heredity
8. Mechanisms of Evolution
9. Diversity of Organisms
10. Plant Anatomy and Function
11. Plant Reproduction and Development
12. Animal Histology
13. Animal Reproduction and Development
14. Ecology and Ecosystems


Z:Raven P., Johnson G., Singer S., Losos J., Biology, Sevents Edition, McGraw-Hill Science, 2004, 9780072921649
Z:Reece J.B., Urry L.A., Cain M.L., Wasserman S.A., Minorski P.V., Jackson R.B., Campbell Biology, Ninth Edition, Benjamin Cummings, 2010, 9780321558237

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