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Food Technology

Credits 7
Hours per week 5 / 1 / 0
Examination C+Ex
Study Language English
Level Bachelor subject
Guarantor prof. Ing. Vladimír Filip, CSc.
doc. Ing. Aleš Rajchl, Ph.D.
doc. Ing. Evžen Šárka, CSc.


The subject is focused on knowledge acquisition of carbohydrates technologies, dairy technology, technology of oils and fat production, meat technology, technology of fruit and vegetables. Carbohydrate technologies include production of beet sugar, sugar as raw material for chemical and biochemical transformation, milling technology, baking technology, production of biscuits, snack products, pasta, production of chocolate and confectioneries, production of starch and modified starches. Dairy technology is focused on the dairy processing, production of milk products and products prepared by fermentation. Technology of fats and oils covers processes of the production of oils and fats from seeds, refining of raw oils, modification processes of triacylglycerols and fats as food and fats in food. Meat technology is focused on meat production, technology of meat products and technology of eggs. Technology of fruit and vegetables is focused on preservation processes and on the production of products on the base of fruit and vegetables.


1. Sugar Industry, production of beet sugar
2. Sugar as raw material for chemical and biochemical transformation, bioethanol
3. Production of chocolate, Confectioneries
4. Starch and Modified Starches
5. Cereals, Milling, Quality of Flour
6. Cereal Chemistry, Rheology and Analytical Methods
7. Baking Technology, Quality of Products, Bisquits, Snack Products, Pasta
8. Composition and properties of milk. Primary production of milk, quality rating of milk. Heat treatment, centrifugation and fat content standardization.
9. Production of pasteurized and UHT milk, cream production, butter and dairy spreads, ice-creams. Dairy starters.
10. Fermented dairy products. Cheese production.
11. Production of condensed milk and milk powder.
12. Vegetable and animal fats and oils. Fatty acids and glycerol. Important reactions in fat technology.
13. Production of vegetable oils and fats. Refining of oils and fats, refined oils. Production of fat blends.
14. Modification of triacylglycerols: hydrogenation and interesterification. Emulsifiers. margarines and shortenings.
15. Definition and importance of meat, nutritional aspects, sources of meat, composition and properties of meat.
16. Slaughtering, meat dividing and deboning, processing of by-products.
17. Meat products - overview, shelf-life, additives, operations.
18. Processing of fish and game, technology of eggs.
19. Overview and history of meat and vegetable production, Alteration after harvest.
20. Heat processes in fruit and vegetable technology. Production of fruit compote, preserved vegetables, dehydrated fruit and vegetables, candied fruit and frozen products.
21. Pulpy raw products, fruit spreads, purees, special technologies, syrups and non-alcoholic beverages.


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