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Reaction Mechanisms in Food Chemistry

Credits 3
Hours per week 2 / 0 / 0
Examination Ex
Study Language English
Level Master subject
Guarantor doc. Dr. Ing. Karel Cejpek
doc. Dr. Ing. Marek Doležal


The scope of this course is principal chemical reactions of important food components that occur during storage, culinary and technological processing of foods, which lead to changes in the nutritional, sensory and health quality.


1. Reactions of organic compounds: the review.
2. Reactions of lipids: thermal degradation, hydrolysis, interesterification and other reactions of oil industry.
3. Reactions of lipids: fatty acids - isomerization, cyclization and polymerization.
4. Reactions of lipids: formation of hydroperoxides, autooxidation, oxidation by singlet oxygen, enzymatic oxidation.
5. Reactions of lipids: transformations of hydroperoxides, sensory and health aspects.
6. Reactions of saccharides: reactivity of carbonyl group and semiacetal hydroxyl.
7. Reactions of saccharides: reactions in acidic media; subsequent reactions of furans and pyrans.
8. Reactions of saccharides: isomerization, rearrangements, oxidation, aldolization.
9. The Maillard reaction: formation and transformation of glycosylamines and aminodeoxy sugars.
10. The Maillard reaction: decomposition products of sugars and their reactions.
11. Reactions of saccharides: sensory, nutritional and health aspects.
12. Reactions of proteins: hydrolysis, oxidation and elimination reactions, racemization.
13. Reactions of proteins: reactions with other food components.
14. Reactions of vitamins during processing and storage of food.


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