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Bioanalytical Methods

Credits 3
Hours per week 2 / 0 / 0
Examination Ex
Study Language English
Level Master subject
Guarantor prof. RNDr. Vladimír Král, DSc.


Bioanalytical methods are applied to determination of analytes using specific interactions between molecules. Modern bioanalytical techniques provide high specificity of analysis (one of reagents is biopolymer and that is why we talk about biospecificity), but also high sensitivity and low detection limit. Part of lectures will cover enzymatic methods, proteomics, electromigration methods, genetic methods (particularly PCR), immunochemical and other biochemical and microbiological methods.


. Bioanalytical methods, practical applications, clinical analysis, medicinal chemistry.
2. Basics of combinatorial chemistry, chemical libraries analysis.
3. Principles of biopolymer analysis (DNA, proteins, polysacharides).
4. Biosensors, construction, applications.
5. Immuno assay methods (ELISA, RIA).
6. Enzymology. Systematic classification of enzymes, enzyme kinetics. Immobilized enzymes.
7. Determination of substrates and metabolites of enzyme reactions.
8. Experimental techniques of enzyme methods. Application in clinic analyses and food industry.
9. Analysis of important categories of biologically important compounds.
10. Chromatography of biomolecules. HPLC, FPLC.
11. Afinity chromatography (incl. HAPLC), methods based on molecular recognition.
12. Electroforetic methods and their importance for analytics of biologically important compounds.
13. Usage of modern analytical methods for biopolymers (NMR, X-ray, MS).
14. Analytical methods in medicinal chemistry for new drug development.


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