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Physical Chemistry of Colloidal Systems

Credits 7
Hours per week 3 / 2 / 0
Examination C+Ex
Study Language English
Level Master subject
Guarantor prof. RNDr. Jiří Kolafa, CSc.


This course extends the basic course Physical Chemistry I with focus on biological sciences. Covered are general laws governing behavior of systems from the molecular point of view as well as applications in biochemistry and colloidal chemistry.


1. Formal chemical kinetics: Concepts, simple and simultaneous reactions.
2. Reaction mechanisms, catalysis, enzyme kinetics (Michaelis–Menten), inhibition.
3. Equilibrium thermodynamics: Gibbs and Helmholtz functions, activity, chemical potential. Chemical equilibria, the direction of chemical reaction, simultaneous reactions.
4. Chemical equilibria in aqueuous solutions: pH, weak acids and bases and their salts, buffers, slightly soluble salts.
5. Statistical thermodynamics light: Pressure of ideal gas and the interpretation of temperature, Boltzmann probability, entropy.
6. Electrostatic phenomena in ionic solutions: Debye-Hückel theory, electrical double layer.
7. Electrochemistry: Galvanic cells, Nernst equation.
8. Thermodynamics of mixtures: Colligative properties, osmotic pressure.
9. Nonequilibrium thermodynamics: Transport properties, Fick's laws, diffusivity, electrical conductivity.
10. Interfaces: Surface and interface tension, wetting. Curved interfaces, nucleation.
11. Adsorption: Surface excess and Gibbs adsorption isotherm. Adsorption isotherms and models (Freundlich, Langmuir, BET).
12. Dispersion systems - classification: Colloid, sol, gel, foam, emulsion, aerosol; solutions of macromolecules; micelles, surface films. Rheology, optical properties.
13. Dispersion systems - phenomena: Forces between colloidal particles. Sedimentation, electrokinetic phenomena, zeta potential.
14. Stability of colloidal systems (DLVO theory).


Talks, exercises: http://old.vscht.cz/fch/en/tools/kolafa/S403016.html
Atkins P.W., de Paula J., Physical Chemistry, Oxford University Press, 2010, 9780199543373
Physical chemistry in brief: http://old.vscht.cz/fch/en/tools/breviary.html

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