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Measuring Technique

Credits 5
Hours per week 2 / 3 / 0
Examination Ex
Study Language English
Level Master subject
Guarantor doc. Ing. Karel Kadlec, CSc.


The lectures Measuring Technology, students learn about measurement methods and principles that are used in modern sensors for measuring temperature, pressure, flow rate and flow volume, position levels and for measuring the composition of liquid and gaseous mixtures. Laboratory work is devoted to virtual instrumentation, image analysis, thermography, and non-contact temperature measurement, and pressure measurement, measurement of heat and emission combustion process. The aim is to improve technical understanding of the principles of sensors and the possibilities of their use.


1. Composition of measuring strings. Static and dynamic properties of measuring apparatus.
2. Principles of sensors. Principles and application active and passive sensors.
3. Temperature sensors. Thermocouples, RTD, NTC and PTC thermistors, diode thermometers.
4. Contactless thermometers. Thermo vision.
5. Pressure sensors. Strain-gauge sensors, piezoelectric sensors. Vacuometers - ionizing and heat.
6. Level sensors. Capacitive, ultrasonic, radar and ionizing level sensors.
7. Flow meters - magnetic, ultrasonic and vortex.
8. Mass flow meters. Coriolis flow meters, heat flow meters.
9. Heat transfer measurement. Ratio detector and object meters.
10. Composition measurement. Liquids analyzers - density, optical systems, electrical conductivity.
11. Gas analyzers. Thermal conductivity sensors, catalytic sensors, semiconductor sensors.
12. Optical absorbing analyzers. Magnetic analyzers.
13. Magnetic analyzers. Ionization analyzers - FID, PID.
14. Sampling for automatic analyzers.


Z: Smith, C. J.: Basic Process Measurement. John Wiley & Son, 2009, ISBN: 9780470380246.

D: Lipták B. G.: Process Measurement and Analysis. CRC Press 2003, ISBN 9780849310836.

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