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Data for 2018/2019

Czech Language - beginners II

Credits 1
Hours per week 0 / 2 / 0
Examination MC
Study Language English
Level Bachelor subject
Guarantor Mgr. Ivana Gebeltová


The aim of this course is to deeper the knowledge of the Czech language. Everyday language and some of its specifications will be taught as well as some frequently used phrases aimed at specific types of conversation themes (partnerships, search for a flat/house, travelling, being ill, work and interests). Emphasis will be laid on widening the word-stock and grammar phenomena necessary for discussing topics such as: food and restaurants, shopping, culture etc. The students will learn the way to ask and answer questions about more complex issues.

Starting competences:
A1 (possibly A2)


1.Revision of the basic forms in conjugation: present, past, future tense; Meeting one another (speaking about personal interests).
2.In a shop: Shopping for Food, shopping for clothes - vocabulary, aspect (dokonavý x nedokonavý vid: koupit/nakoupit x kupovat/nakupovat)
3.What have you been doing in the Czech Republic so far? - revision of past tense.
4.Partnerships: family arguments and disagreements, negation in a Czech sentence.
5.Buying presents for a partner, inviting partner to dinner, to a concert, to a gallery. - prepositions; widening the word-stock for a conversation in a restaurant.
6.Looking for a partner (advertisements: Lonely hearts); division: znát x vědět x umět; division: I love you x I like you.
7.Searching for an apartment/ a house: advertisement; the word-stock and abbreviations connected with this topic.
8.Planning a trip - future tense revision; Czech towns and sights.
9.Being ill - seeing a doctor; the Czech general pronoun "ono" - the word-stock connected (illnesses, medicaments).
10.Czech climate and weather - the function of the pronoun "ono".
11.Work: professions, responsibilities, duties, time schedule - vocabulary; present conditional
12.Travelling: holiday, countries - vocabulary, prepositions, future tense, present conditional revision
13.Online testing: practice.
14.Credit test.


A choice from the following books:

1.New Czech Step by Step – Lída Holá, Akropolis 2004, 2005 (+CD)

2.New Czech by Step (Activity Book) – Lída Holá, Akropolis 2004, 2005

3.Čeština pro středně a vice pokročilé – Bischofová, Hasil, Hrdlička, Kramářová, UK v Praze 2001

4.Various materials created by the tutor, including audio and video-materials.

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