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International Student Experiences



Görkem, Turkey

Görkem, Turkey

Even in the beginning, UCT Prague introduced me to many options which especially helped me to form my vision for my entire future. While studying at UCT Prague, I can say the best aspect is having the chance to be supervised by really gentle and helpful academic staff. The highly welcoming attitudes to foreign students ensure students feel comfortable studying in a caring atmosphere.

Above all, one studies in a dreamful city, Prague, which offers much more than a student may expect. Studying at UCT Prague was a fantastic experience for me, one which I will always admire.

Thea, USA


Thea, USA

I decided to study at the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague because I saw my graduate education as an excellent opportunity to gain a unique international experience. Studying at UCT Prague has provided me with an exceptional education and boundless research options.  Every step of your programme is guided by very knowledgeable faculty eager to teach in very personal and small class sizes. 

By coming from a different country, and even continent - the whole experience has been better because I have had the chance to meet many people that are all gathered in one place with the same idea: to learn and develop in the biotech field.  I know that my education here will well guide me to a future career in the biotech industry.

Apurva, India

Apurva, India

I am a doctoral scholar at UCT Prague. I decided to join here for my PhD studies because UCT Prague has global recognition for research in the area of Food and Nutrition analysis. My PhD programme has trained me to gain an analytical outlook for research with the help of required academic courses and the relevant laboratory practices. The laboratories are well-equipped and have state-of-the-art technology. These laboratories are accredited and carry international affiliations from across the world. 

Apart from this, UCT Prague also has experienced and highly-qualified experts as professors and other teaching faculty members. All the professors and researchers strive hard to produce novel and quality research work that is eventually published in the globally recognized journals. Ample opportunities are also given to participate and present our novel work at various conferences and symposia. The non-teaching and staffs from International Relations office at UCT Prague are very encouraging and helpful. They assist in getting acquainted with the university environment as well as with the beautiful city of Prague and Czech culture.

My studies at UCT Prague have played a major role in shaping my career and have helped me to progress in the area of my interest. The university has created a sense of confidence to excel in the area of Food and Nutrition analysis, more as a researcher. I am glad to be a part of this prestigious university that is specialized in all aspects of chemistry. I strongly recommend forthcoming students to benefit themselves from the knowledge and the research culture that UCT Prague has to offer.


Vuk, Bosnia and Herzegovina

I chose UCT Prague as the place of my Master's studies after talking to a few students in the final year of my bachelor studies. My fellow students described to me how studying at the university looks like, what the quality of teaching is, the depth of knowledge offered, and what is student life like, in general. In addition to that, I had also visited Prague a few times before and had a chance to admire its magnificent architecture, specific rhythm, interesting nightlife and cultural diversity; basically, all the interesting features that it can offer to a resident, which I really enjoyed. Thus, I had an extra reason to continue my education here.

Shortly after the start of my studies, I realized that I had made the right decision, for many reasons. The study programme is sufficiently flexible and includes a great number of different optional subjects, as well as the obligatory Laboratory Project, where students are allowed to choose a theme they are most interested in and conduct their own research in a particular field - of course, guided by their mentors. Moreover, it is also possible to take numerous language courses (from the introductory to the advanced level), offered by the university's languages department. I believe that it is also worth mentioning that the university's laboratories are very well-equipped, as are the classrooms. Finally, the university cooperates with many European universities and offers many exchange programs to its students, such as Erasmus+, ATHENS, CEEPUS, etc.

To somehow sum up the whole story: I have to say that I really enjoyed the time spent in Prague and at the university, and I really tried to make the most of everything they had to offer. When it comes to future plans, I will continue my education and do my PhD studies here.

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