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Environmental Chemistry and Technology (double degree)

Environmental Chemistry and Technology (double degree)

Programme is leading to two diplomas from both home university as well as partner university.


Programme Details

Language of instruction English
Standard length of study 4 years
Form of study Full time
Guarantor of study programme doc. Ing. Jan Bartáček, Ph.D.
Programme Code ADD201
Place of study Prague + partner university
Capacity 15 students
Number of available PhD theses 1

List of available PhD theses

System for remote monitoring of grey water reuse

Department: Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, Faculty of Environmental Technology
Theses supervisor: doc. Ing. Jan Bartáček, Ph.D.


One of the main obstacles to the use of treated gray water (i.e. water from bathrooms or washing machines) is the missing method for automatic detection of contamination in the treated waste water. As a result, it is not possible to use recycled water where there is a higher risk of end users exposure to the water contaminated with pathogens (e.g. washing machines, cleaning floors etc.).
In this project, we will develop an early warning system that will automatically detect disturbances in gray water treatment technology and especially the penetration of pathogenic organisms into the recovered water.

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