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Student ambassadors

Thinking about studies in English at UCT Prague but still having some doubts and/or questions to ask?
Would you like to get more details on specific issues?

There are student ambassadors, current students of UCT Prague, who will help you with your questions and provide you with essential information from their students' point of view. They will respond to your e-mails on: ambassadors@vscht.cz

Don't hesitate to ask about:

  • Is the admission procedure complicated?
  • What to expect from studies at UCT?
  • What is the social life like and which student activities I might join when I become a UCT student?
  • What is the life including living costs in Prague and the Czech Republic?
  • Will I find a job after graduation?
  • ...



Would you like to see what our students have to say? Check out the video.

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