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Contact Us

Office Hours of the Department of International Relations

Monday 13:30–15:30


Wednesday Closed


Friday 9:30–11:30

 The Department of International Relations is located on the first floor in building B. The closest entrance door is on Zikova street. 


Vice-rector for External Relations and Communication



prof. Dr. Ing. Michaela Rumlová


b Michaela.Rumlova@vscht.cz
e +420 220 444 177

Head of the Department

Bc. Filip Faltejsek

Designated Head of Department in the Absence of Mgr. Žilíková

b Filip.Faltejsek@vscht.cz
e +420 220 444 456

Room: B2312 (Zikova street, 1st floor)


Staff Business Travel 

Šárka Zavadilovávýška 215px

Economist, Staff foreign business travels (advances), Payment of conference fees

b Sarka.Zavadilova@vscht.cz
e +420 220 443 897

Room: B2311 (Zikova street, 1st floor)


Student Mobility Coordinators

Ing. Lenka Balíková ◳ Balikova_UCT Prague_ (jpg) → (šířka 215px)

Admission officer for foreign full-time degree students, Erasmus MUNDUS

b Lenka.Balikova@vscht.cz
+420 220 443 158

Room: B2310 (Zikova street, 1st floor)


Mgr. Adéla Habartová

Incoming exchange students: ERASMUS+, CEEPUS, AKTION, Short-term freemover;  Erasmus KA107 – international credit mobility

b Adela.Habartova@vscht.cz
e +420 220 443 159

Room: B2309 (Zikova street, 1st floor)

Bc. Lenka Polanská

Outgoing students within the programs: ERASMUS+ , MOBI, ATHENS, CEEPUS, AKTION

b Lenka.Polanska@vscht.cz
e +420 220 444 309

Room: B2311 (Zikova street, 1st floor)


International Staff Mobility Coordinators  

Ing. Anna Mittnerová

International staff, advisory in the field of social security, health insurance, and income taxes for foreigners and outgoing employees

Project MŠMT INTER-EXCELLENCE, LTI19 PRADIP, Guidelines to Administrative Issues for International Workers in the Academic Environment                                       

b Welcome@vscht.cz
   +420 220 443 675

Room: BS09 (Technická street, ground floor) (MAP)

Ing. Jitka Tomanová ◳ jitka-tomanova (jpg) → (šířka 450px)

Welcome Office – International Staff

b Welcome@vscht.cz
b Jitka.Tomanova@vscht.cz
e +420 220 443 896

Room: BS10 (Technická street, ground floor)

Ing. Jitka Šípková ◳ sipkova (1 of 1) (jpg) → (šířka 215px)

Welcome Office – International Staff

b Welcome@vscht.cz
b Jitka.Sipkova@vscht.cz
e +420 220 443 899

Room: BS10 (Technická street, ground floor)

Updated: 24.3.2023 17:15, Author: Lenka Balíková


University of Chemistry and Technology,  Prague
Technická 5
166 28 Praha 6 


Telephone Directory

To call someone at UCT Prague, use: +420 220 44 plus your contact's extention number, which you can find in our telephone directory


UCT Prague
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6 – Dejvice
Identification No.: 60461373
VAT: CZ60461373

Copyright: UCT Prague
Information provided by the Department of International Relations and the Department of Communication. Technical support by the Computing Centre.

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