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Contacts and Getting Here

Vice-rector for external relationship and communication

prof. Dr. Ing. Michaela Rumlová



b Michaela.Rumlova@vscht.cz
e +420 220 444 177

Head of the Department

Bc. Filip Faltejsek

designated Head of Department in the absence of Mgr. Žilíková

b Filip.Faltejsek@vscht.cz
e +420 220 444 456


Student mobility, Staff Business Travel

Šárka Zavadilovávýška 215px

economist, staff foreign business travels (advances), payment of conference fees

b Sarka.Zavadilova@vscht.cz
e +420 220 443 897

Mgr. Adéla Habartová

Incoming exchange students: ERASMUS+, CEEPUS, AKTION, short-term freemover;  Erasmus KA107 - international credit mobility

b Adela.Habartova@vscht.cz
e +420 220 443 159

Bc. Lenka Polanská

Outgoing students within the programs: ERASMUS+ , MOBI, ATHENS, CEEPUS, AKTION

b Lenka.Polanska@vscht.cz
e +420 220 444 309

Ing. Lenka Balíková

Foreign self-financing students, Erasmus MUNDUS

b Lenka.Balikova@vscht.cz
+420 220 443 158


International Staff Mobility Coordinators:  

Ing. Anna Mittnerová

international staff, advisory in the field of social security, health insurance and income taxes for foreigners and outgoing employees, Projekt/ Project MŠMT INTER-EXCELLENCE,LTI19 PRADIP, “Průvodce Administrativou pro Internacionální Pracovníky v akademickém prostředí" (Guidelines to Administrative Issues for International Workers in the Academic Environment)                                         

Room: (B)S09 (MAP)


b Welcome@vscht.cz

   +420 220 443 675


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Telephone Directory

To call someone at UCT Prague, use: +420 220 44 plus your contact's extention number, which you can find in our telephone directory


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