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Admissions to Bachelor & Master English Degree Programmes

For information regarding



Application Period of Chemistry Programmes

There is only 1 intake: The application period is December 1–January 31; the academic year starts in September.

The online applications portal opens on December 1 at 0:00 and closes on January 31 at 23:59 CET (Prague time).




  Gather application documents and scan them to PDF format as separate files (see below)
  Name the application documents properly using the format: Surname_name of the attachment
  Fill out the online application and upload the documents in PDF
  Submit the application
  Pay the application fee (by January 31 at the latest)

The deadline for applications for Bachelor and Master study programmes is January 31.

R  Applications received after the deadline or applications delivered in incorrect form or style will be disregarded.



Application Fee

The application fee for the academic year 2024/2025 is 3 000,- CZK. The application fee may be paid in Euros or in US dollars.

The application fee shall be paid by the deadline of the application period at the latest. 

The application fee covers costs connected to the administration of the application, especially the costs connected to the delivery of visa documents to the applicants. As per the Statute of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague from August 6, 2021, the application fee is non-refundable, it cannot be waived, reduced, or postponed. 

After submitting the online application, payment information with a unique QR code will be shown in your application. Please proceed per the instructions provided in the online application.  

Additional Information

Please check your online application for unique payment information before using the information below.  

Bank Name & Address:
               ČSOB, Banskobystrická 11, Prague 6

Account number:                           130197294/0300

IBAN:                                                  CZ58 0300 0000 0001 3019 7294

SWIFT code:                                     CEKO CZ PP          

Remittance information:          /VS/ 936822059

                                                               /SS/ Date of birth in the format of DDMMYY
                                                              /Information/ Full name as it appears in the passport/identity card




Applicants applying to the Bachelor programme Chemistry and Technology at the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology must be 18 years old by the end of the winter semester of the 1st year of study (mid-February). 

This requirement is established due to the fact that in the summer semester of the 1st year, students at the Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology attend classes in inorganic chemistry laboratories, where they work with substances that, according to the law, minors cannot work with.



Application Documents

When filling in the online application, the following documents are required.
Note that only PDF files with proper naming (Surname_name-of-the-attachment) will be accepted. 

The required application documents include:

1. Diploma / Graduation Certificate and Transcript of Records

Details (click to open)

We accept IB diplomas, Cambridge International A Level Certificates and also other types of Graduation Certificates and Diplomas.

RECOMMENDED: Taking Mathematics and Chemistry (+ possibly also Biology and Physics) at the highest level possible in high school. 

Documents issued in another language than English must be translated into English or Czech language. Please, upload the original + translation.

The Transcript of Records is a list of all subjects studied in the last 4 years at secondary school / list of subjects studied at the Bachelor's level at a university, including the number of hours for individual subjects. An example of a suitable Transcript is available here >.

If you have not finished your current studies yet, provide a Study Confirmation with a clearly indicated date of graduation issued by your University/Secondary school instead of the Diploma/Graduation Certificate.

2. Certificate of English Language Knowledge

Details (click to open)

UCT Prague requires students to have a good command of English in order to study successfully. You must provide us with proof of your English language skills. 

Non-Native English Speakers

Non-native speakers are required to prove the language competence of B2+ according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Recognized Certificates are:

  • Cambridge ESOL: minimum B2 First (FCE),
  • Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language: minimum score B2 (CEFR)
  • TOEFL iBT: minimum score 80,
  • IELTS: minimum overall band score 6.0, 
  • PTE Academics: minimum score 60,
  • Duolingo English Test: minimum score 110

Other Acceptable Formats:

  • Confirmation of English Language Knowledge > confirmed by a language center or a language school. The Confirmation will only be accepted if it confirms the minimum language level B2 and above.
  • Medium of Instruction Certificate – Students who studied their previous studies fully in the English language can provide official confirmation issued by their school.

Native English Speakers

Students whose mother tongue is English are exempt from this obligation.

3. Motivation Letter

Details (click to open)

The maximum length of the motivation letter is two A4 pages.

The motivation letter shall cover your motivation to study the chosen study programme at our university, the benefits that studying this program will bring you, and how you will utilize the gained knowledge in your career.

 Don't forget to state your name, surname, phone number, and email address in the motivation letter.

4. Signed Curriculum Vitae (CV)

5. Medical Assessment Form > (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Details (click to open)

The Medical Assessment Form provided by UCT must be used. The form shall be filled in and confirmed by your general practitioner (in your country). The second page of the document specifies areas of medical examination that your general practitioner shall confirm.

The form shall not be older than 2 months when uploaded to the online application.

Note that the original paper version of the Medical Assessment Form must be handed in no later than by the day of Enrollment (in September).

6. Copy of your passport (only the page with your picture and personal data)

Details (click to open)

Non-EU nationals: The passport shall not be older than 10 years, it must contain at least 2 free pages and its validity must be at least 3 months longer than the validity of the long-term visa (which is usually issued with a validity of 1 year).

This means that the validity of your passport must be at least until December 31, 2025, however, we strongly advise making sure that your passport is valid at least until December 31, 2026, in case of Master's degree applicants, and at least until December 31, 2027, in case of Bachelor degree applicants – so you don't have to exchange your passport while studying. 

7. Certificate of Recognition of Previous Foreign Education / Nostrification Certificate

Details (click to open)

If you have already undergone the process of Nostrification in the Czech Republic, upload the Nostrification Certificate.

If you haven't undergone the Nostrification process in the Czech Republic yet, you can undergo a simple process of Recognition of previous foreign education at UCT Prague as a part of the admission process. 
In order to undergo the process of recognition at UCT Prague, indicate this in your online application by choosing the method of recognition: I have a diploma and DON'T have a Nostrification Certificate.

Please visit this page for more information Recognition of previous foreign education. 

UCT Prague reserves the right to refuse an Application if the above-mentioned enclosures are not delivered and/or not in the required form and style.


You can track the status of your application in the online application portal.
Click on "Detailed information on admission procedure".


Apply now



Do you need help with filling in the online application? See our manual!



Timeline after Submission of the Online Application


December 1–January 31 Admissions are open
Submit the online application, and pay the application fee
February 14–February 28 Bachelor's online admission tests (Mathematics and Chemistry) and admission interviews
Master's online admission interviews 
(See subject areas of the interviews here)
by March 11 Applicants are notified about the admission results 

1) Inform UCT Admission Officer about where the visa documents should be delivered to

2) Prepare documents required for a visa appointment per the instructions of the Czech embassy
3) Arrange an appointment at the respective Czech embassy / Inform UCT Prague admission officer, that you would like to be included in a governmental visa fast-track Režim Student
4) Sign the accommodation contract which you will receive by post 


Attend visa appointment at a Czech embassy


Arrange a verified (true) copy of the Diploma/Graduation certificate and the Transcript of Records with Apostille/Superlegalization and translation for the process of Recognition of the previous foreign education



Provide a scan of a verified (true) copy of the Diploma/Graduation certificate and Transcript of Records with Apostille/Superlegalization and translation and pay the recognition fee

As soon as possible, however, by August 31 at the latest

Send a paper version of the verified (true) copy of the Diploma/Graduation certificate and Transcript of Records with Apostille/Superlegalization and translation to UCT Prague by a delivery service 



Bc. applicants: Send a verified (true) copy of the Nostrification Certificate issued by the Czech official authority to UCT Prague by a delivery service 

MSc. applicants: Send a verified (true) copy of the Recognition Certificate issued by another Czech higher education institution to UCT Prague by a delivery service 


July–August  Visa approval 
September Enrollment Day & Start of the studies



Selection Procedure

Admission Tests and Interviews

Bachelor's degree applicants will sit for an online admission test in Mathematics and Chemistry and for an online interview. In the test and the interview, your essential mathematical and chemical knowledge will be tested. 


Here you can try an admission practice test. Use this manual on how to work with the portal.


Practice test



In order to review problematic topics, we recommend visiting the below-stated websites: 

Mathematics (click to open)

In order to review the problematic topics, we recommend the courses of Kahn academy or Math is Fun:

General and Inorganic Chemistry, Chemical Calculations (click to open)
Physics (click to open)

In order to review problematic topics, we highly recommend Khan Academy.


Master's degree applicants will have to sit for an online admission interview. Subject Areas for Admission Interviews are to be found at the bottom of this page.

Applicants will be notified about the date of the interview in advance by a faculty representative by email, please check your bulk email folder/spam folder too.


Admission Results

The selection procedure of applications for Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes takes place in March. The application materials, admission test and admission interview results will be assessed to determine successful applicants.

Bachelor's and Master's degree applicants are notified about their acceptance / non-acceptance by March 11.



NonEU Citizens – Long-term Visa or Residence Permit Applying

NonEU citizens must apply for a long-term visa or a long-term residence card for the purpose of studying in the Czech Republic. 

An appointment at the respective embassy must be scheduled in order to apply for a long-term visa or residence permit. The appointment can be either scheduled by the applicant himself/herself OR applicants from certain listed countries can apply for an appointment at the Czech Embassy through a governmental project for visa facilitation called Režim Student. 

Note that it is more than recommended to arrange a visa appointment at the respective embassy in May at the very latest. The academic year starts in September, and visa approval takes 60–120 days

Especially applicants from India, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Sri Lanka, Bhútán, Chad, Cameroon, Maledives, and Nepal, should apply for the visa AS SOON AS POSSIBLE once they receive a Letter of Acceptance because of the competition at the embassies in Abuja (Nigeria), Accra (Ghana) and New Delhi (India) which is enormous, and the appointment slots are very limited!

We encourage all applicants to visit the website of the respective Czech embassy for their country and learn in advance what documents are required when applying for a visa. 



Recognition of Previous Foreign Education 

Applicants who have been accepted to the studies at the University of Chemistry and Technology must provide a Certificate of Recognition of Previous Foreign Education.

The Recognition of Previous Foreign Education is a process of verifying that the education level which you have completed abroad is equal to the education level required for studying at a university in the Czech Republic.

Providing a Certificate of Recognition of Previous Foreign Education is an indispensable requirement for enrollment in the studies at UCT Prague. 

Please visit the website Recognition of Foreign Education to learn how to obtain the Certificate.


Apply now

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Contact Details



University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague
Technicka 5
166 28 Prague 6
Czech Republic



UCT Prague reserves the right to refuse an application provided all required materials are not delivered, in the required form and style, by the appropriate deadlines.


Cautionary Note

Admission to the bachelor and master degree programs of the UCT Prague is in accordance with the Act on Higher Education Institutions (Act No. 111/1998 Coll., On Higher Education Institutions, as amended) and the internal regulations of the UCT Prague possible only on the basis of the proper admission procedure, where conditions for admission are verified. "Direct admission" to any degree program (without the admission procedure and Decision on admission) is not possible! Please be aware of any entity that may promise it. 


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