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Tuition Fees

Fees for the Academic Year 2018/19

The tuition fee for self-financing students registered for studies in English in the Academic Year 2018/2019

Bachelor and Master degree programme

56 000,- CZK (cca 2300,- EUR)

Doctoral programme

56 000,- CZK (cca 2300,- EUR)

For fees in academic year 2017/18 see the document Fees related to studies in a foreign language below

Updated: 6.2.2018 10:55, Author: Helena Pekárková

Fees related to studies in a foreign language 2017-201811.09.201709.09.2018
A/V/961/2/2018Amounts of Fees Related to Study for the Academic Year 2018-201910.09.201808.09.2019

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