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Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)

Study your master at UCT Prague

This Master study programme is primarily designed for applicants from abroad. Students are required to pay a tuition fee. All courses are conducted in English. The study programme is accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports and are in accordance with Bologna Process - European Higher Education Area requirements.


Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)

Chemistry (Organic Chemistry)

Master Programme, Faculty of Chemical Technology

The programme is designed for students who are interested in studying basic chemical disciplines. The study of the specialization Organic Chemistry provides students with a comprehensive education in the field with an emphasis on mastering the methods of synthesis of organic compounds; understanding the mechanisms of organic reactions; and with an overlap into physical, analytical and organometallic chemistry and catalysis. An important part of the programme is experimental work in the laboratory, through which students acquire practical skills and the ability to pursue independent scientific work. This programme is also intended for students studying in the Double Degree programmes according to individual bilateral agreements between the UCT Prague and a university abroad, where students usually complete one year at their home universities and one year at universities abroad.


Graduates are well prepared for qualified positions in research institutions, analytical laboratories and in the chemical industry. They can also teach chemistry in schools or work in government or for commercial companies. Of course, an added value of this English programme is the fact that graduates are well prepared to go abroad and find employment in highly competitive and dynamic European and worldwide market environments. It goes without saying that graduates of this English programme are also optimally prepared for Ph.D. studies and subsequent academic careers in Chemistry and related fields anywhere in Europe or the rest of the English-speaking world.

Programme Details

Study Language English
Duration 2 years
Form of study full-time
Place of study Praha
Capacity 10 students
Programme code (national) N0531A130026
Programme Code (internal) AN104

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