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Erasmus students share their experience with studies at UCT Prague


Michiel Smets, winter semester, Belgium

Why to go to UCT in Prague?! If you’re up for the adventure of your life, Prague is the place to be! It all starts with orientation week, when you will meet people from all over the world. Get to know who you’re living with in the dormitories, which are provided by the university. Living together really gives this Erasmus a whole other dimension. Classes are given in English by competent professors. They will always help you with any questions or problems you might have concerning the classes. If you’re lucky, you can even go drink a beer with them in one of Prague’s finest bars. Classes are alternated with trips in and outside the Czech Republic, organized by the Erasmus Club. Be sure to become a member! These trips are well organised and give you the opportunity to visit this amazing country. An additional benefit is that they tell you all the places you must visit during your stay. If you still don’t know where to go on Erasmus … Choose the UCT Prague. You won’t regret it!  

originálAnne-Laure Pons, winter semester, France

This Erasmus in Prague has been a part of my life that I will never forget. I was living in the dorms, which helps a lot in getting to know other people. Indeed, I was sharing my room with one Finnish girl and sharing the flat with two Portuguese girls. So, it was really easy to be integrated. Moreover, I lived too many things in Prague. First, I loved sharing about the differences between each country; second, I met a lot of amazing friends that I’ll keep in touch for sure; third, I discovered a beautiful city where there is a lot of things to do every day (I haven’t been bored anytime for five months); fourth, I visited a lot of great cities around (Berlin, Vienne, Budapest, Krakow…) without wasting a lot of money (everything is really cheap); fifth, I had interesting courses that I would never have in my university in France; sixth, I improved my English much more than I was expecting and I could continue this list many times over … To conclude, I really enjoyed my life for these five months and the most difficult part is when you have to come back to real life.


Fahad Muhammad, winter semester, Portugal

Initially, I was uncertain whether UCT Prague would accept me, owing to my ethnic background (non-EU citizen), but being a full-time student of an EU University cleared all my misapprehensions—but it came with a price of unwavering support from the International Relations office of the university, which requires special attention here, as the level of service they delivered is worth mentioning. The university is more research oriented rather than professional (job-oriented in my personal opinion), so if one is seeking higher studies up until the doctorates level, then UCT Prague would be the start and the end of your search as it will mould your thoughts and concepts essentially needed for research graduates. The professors are admirable as they have a very deep understanding of the concepts and they speak a fairly decent English and you can have your doubts cleared beyond the usual study hours. UCT Prague is partnered with the NTK library, which is the oldest and largest of its kind in Czech Republic and the best part of it is its proximity to UCT Prague (in fact, within the campus). In academic terms, the university is indeed a very good one; the rest depends upon the student and how he/she would like to utilize the opportunities offered. I have travelled to various countries and places and, undoubtedly, Prague is the most beautiful place I have ever visited. Prague, the architectural marvel in my personal terms is a gateway to the East and the West of Europe—no wonder it is called as the ‘’Heart of Europe.’’ It is the cheapest and the most affordable metropolitan city in Central Europe, especially if one has to consider accommodation, food, and travel. The best aspect of Prague is, one is never a foreigner, because most people speak English, but astonishingly this fact is never acknowledged by the Czechs themselves since they feel they lack the ear for English. The quality of the dormitory of UCT Prague (Sazava) is left without any complaints. Life in the dormitory was a unique experience where one gets the opportunity to make new friends from various countries. It is not the ideal place for bookish/studious candidate as there isn’t a night (more or less) when there is no party going on. Again, it is the ideal for Erasmus students…so party all the time. Indeed, I can proudly state that it was the most beautiful period of my life, which broadened my horizons of thinking and learning beyond boundaries. In short, these few lines are never enough to share my wonderful experience, for these are just words, but in order to experience the level of joy, one has to personally feel it by enrolling in Erasmus. Go for Erasmus, mates, and experience the all new life you have in store in UCT Prague.

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