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ATHENS or Advanced Technology Higher Education Network, Socrates is an international programme started in 1997. Universities participating in this programme organize week-long intensive courses in technological fields.

The courses are held twice a year (March and November), language of instruction being English, French or Spanish. The courses consist of approximately 30 hours of lectures, seminars and excursions, they are complemented by 12-15 hours of cultural programme so that the participants will also learn about the culture and environment of the host country.

UCT Prague is part of this programme together with Czech Technical University. We organize two Athens courses in November and one course in March - language of instruction is always English. More information about our courses can be found on this page. 

Applications are possible via official ATHENS website. (Our courses are listed together with the Czech Technical University's courses.)



Course coordinator: Prof. Aleš Procházka

Date: 13.-17.11.2017

Short description: 

The main goal of the course is to:

(1) present selected mathematical and algorithmic structures in MATLAB environment used for signal analysis and processing,

(2) study fundamentals of discrete Fourier transform and its properties in connection with signal and image analysis and discretization,

(3) analyse principles of digital filtering in the time (FIR, IIR) and frequency domains for signal de-noising and image enhancement,

(4) discuss selected mathematical methods of signal analysis and to present fundamentals of wavelet transform in signal decomposition, modification and reconstruction with applications,

(5) summarize basic principles of signal modelling in its prediction using both linear and nonlinear methods including neural networks,

(6) present selected applications of signal processing in environmental engineering, biomedical signal and image processsing and energy consumption data prediction 

Website: http://uprt.vscht.cz/prochazka/pedag/athense.htm

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Course coordinator: Dr. Pavla Šmejkalová

Date: Novemberšířka 215px

Short description: 

The main goals of the course are to summarize basic principles of environmental technology in water and wastewater treatment, water and soil contamination removal and solid waste treatment, to study the fundamentals of biochemical transformations of pollutants, to discuss economical, energetical and social aspects of environmental protection, analyse the main problems of environmental protection in the Czech Republic and EU and to present selected technological methods used in environmental protection.

Website: http://tvp.vscht.cz/department/people/19018/24726

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Course coordinator: Prof. Pavel Matějka

Date: March

Short description: The main goal of  the course is to provide an introduction to practical application of infrared and Raman spectroscopy, microscopy and nanoscopy.

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