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Visa information

If you are not sure, whether you need visa to stay in the Czech Republic please consult Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country or embassy of the Czech Republic nearest to you.

IMPORTANT: Non-EU citizens who have residency in another EU state still need visa in case they are staying longer than 90 days.

Applications must be submitted to the Czech Embassy or Consulate in the respective country (it is not possible to apply for visa in the Czech Republic).


Useful websites


IMPORTANT: The visa procedure can take up to 60 days since your first visit of the embassy. It is therefore strongly recommended to start the visa procedure as soon as possible – especially in case you are planning to come for studies. The courses start in September (winter semester) and in February (summer semester) and we can only accept students who arrive latest 30th September/28th-29th February. Students arriving later are not registered at the university because they would miss too many lessons.


Which documents UCT can issue for you?

  1. Document on the purpose of stay (= letter of acceptance)
  2. Proof of accommodation (ONLY IN CASE you are staying at UCT dormitories)


What should you provide?

In case you need visa confirmations from us, please contact Ms. Adéla Habartová (incoming@vscht.cz) and send her:

  • copy/scan of your passport
  • information at which embassy you will apply for visa (name of the city)
  • information if you will be staying at UCT Prague dormitories


When you will receive the visa documents?

After your application is finished and confirmed.

You will need the original documents for your visa appointment - they will be sent to your university by registered post right after they are issued (and by databox to the Czech embassy at which you are applying).

We are sending visa documents by registered post, to some countries this can take 2-3 weeks. No express deliveries are possible, unless you will cover the cost yourself (i.e.: pay in advance to your carrier).

Updated: 10.5.2022 09:01, Author: Adéla Habartová

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