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Admission Requirements for PhD


Basic information 

PhD application deadline:  15th April                                  ADMISSION IS CLOSED NOW!

Paper-based applications for PhD studies in English language are accepted from 15th February until 15th April 2019.

  Firstly, check our webpage about PhD study at UCT Prague. You shall apply for the specific dissertation theses topic. See which PhD topics (departments/research projects) are available and send the coordinator from the respective Faculty your Transcript of records, CV and motivational letter specifying the research topic you are interested in. For coordinator contacts please see the information below on this website, the section Dissertation Thesis Supervisor.

  Secondly, all application documents in the required format shall be scanned as a separate attachment, each of them properly named (in the format: Surname_name of the attachment) and sent to international@vscht.cz .

The deadline is 15th April.

R  Applications received after the deadline or applications delivered in incorrect form or style will be disregarded.

Online applications for PhD studies in Czech language are accepted from 15th February until 15th April 2019. For more information visit Czech website.

Application Materials

Academic documents such as diplomas and transcripts of coursework completed by the time of your application (i.e. Transcripts of Records) are extremely important for your admission to UCT Prague and for our professors in providing assistance and advice regarding the degree programmes.

The required application documents include :

  1. Application form >- you are required to submit two applications, one in Word format and one in pdf format with your supervisor´s signature and yours
  2. Master Diploma with Diploma Supplement Only certified copies of the originals are acceptable, i.e. stamped by the educational institute, officially translated into English (where applicable) and verified according to the international agreements
  3. Recognition (Nostrification) Certificate of your Master degree
  4. Letter of motivation
  5. Certificate of English language knowledge
  6. Signed Curriculum Vitae
  7. Copy of your passport
  8. Certified translation of Birth Certificate or similar document providing evidence of date and place of birth.
  9. Recent Health certificate >(not older than 2 months) confirmed by an official health institution
  10. List of publications and other outcomes of scientific work

All application documents must be originals or oficially certified / notarized copies, verified along with international agreements.  They must be accompanied with a translation into English or Czech (also certified/notarized), if in any other language.

Only PDF files  will be accepted.

If you are admitted to studies, hard copies of the above mentioned documents shall be delivered by 15th August to:

University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague

Department of International Relations

Technicka 5

166 28 Prague 6

Czech Republic


UCT Prague reserves the right to refuse an Application provided all the above-mentioned enclosures are not delivered and are not in the required form and style.

More Information Regarding the Application Materials

Recognition (Nostrification) of Diploma with Diploma Supplement or Graduation Certificate with Transcript of Records

Applicants are supposed to have acquired Master degree in either the same or related field of study. The level of their university degree must be equivalent to the level of a Czech university Master degree (i.e. MSc or MA). Whether the education acquired outside the Czech Republic is equivalent will be determined by the means of Nostrification, which can be executed by  a public university that runs a study programme similar in terms and content, i.e. the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague. For more information see Recognition of Education Required Outside the Czech Republic or read a manual on How to proceed

Certificate of English Language knowledge

UCT Prague requires that you have a good command of English in order to study successfully. You must provide us with proof of your English language skills.

Non-Native English Speaker

The minimum requirement is level B1, preferably B2, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Recognised Certificates

Cambridge ESOL: minimum FCE
TOEFL iBT: minimum score 80
IELT6S: minimum band score 5.0

Other Acceptable Formats (if you do not have any internationally-recognised certificate):

Certificate issued by a language school (accepted only if it confirms the minimum langauge skills level B1-B2)

Confirmation of language knowledge issued by a language center or a language school in case the student does not have any of the official documents mentioned above

Native English Speakers

Students whose mother tongue is English or who study a degree programme in English at their home university are exempted from this obligation.

Dissertation Thesis Supervisor

All PhD applicats are expected to find a supervisor for their Dissertation Thesis.

Contact the Dean's Office  with your Transcript of Records, CV and motivational letter specifying the research topic you are interested in and they shall help you search for a suitable dissertation supervisor. Please contact :

Faculty of Chemical Technology: 

Faculty of Environmental Technology:  

Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology: 

Faculty of Chemical Engineering: 

or directly the supervisor listed at the chosen Topic of PhD study.

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