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University housing


 Dormitories/Halls of Residence

UCT Prague offers international students limited accommodation in dormitories located in the southern part of Prague, in the district of Chodov.

There are two buildings, Sázava and Volha, which offer double or triple rooms. Two neighboring rooms share a bathroom, a toilet, and a small corridor with a fridge. They are equipped with basic furniture.

International students living in the dormitories do not need to register with the Foreign Police to announce their arrival in the Czech Republic; this is taken care of by the Administration of UCT Prague Facilities.


Important information

Exchange students must send their Application for Accommodation to the Halls of Residence accommodation office (erasmus.accom@vscht.cz) by the given application deadlines.

Please obey the Accommodation Rules for the academic year 2022/2023

Sázava: Chemická (Ekonomická) 952, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice
Volha: K Verneráku 950, 148 28 Praha 4 – Kunratice

  • Please check the website about the UCT Prague dormitory where you can find all the essential information. 


 Off-Campus Living

If you wish to stay closer to the university and prefer privacy, you can search for a private flat. When looking for an apartment in Prague, be careful about fake offers. We highly suggest not paying anything before actually seeing the flat and signing a contract. We recommend reading articles about the issues, e.g. here or here.

UCT Prague does not collaborate with any of the listed accommodation providers, therefore, the quality of the room offered cannot be guaranteed.

Please note you will need to register your place of residence with the Foreign Police.

Click for some tips

Please note that the capacities might be limited:

The Fizz Holešovice, Prague 7

STUDENT HOUSE BOTIC - K Botiči 1349/5, Praha 10

TVM Tower - Kutilova 3061/2, Praha 12

Student Room Flat

Expats in Prague

Erasmus in Prague

For Students


Happy House Rentals

EU students in Private Residences

If you are from the EU and will not live in Volha or Sázava, you are obliged to register at the Foreign Police office within 30 days of your arrival if your stay in the Czech Republic exceeds 30 days.


Non-EU Students in Private Residences

All non-EU students who do not live in Volha or Sázava must register at the Czech Foreign Police within 3 days after their arrival. This duty also applies to those visa students who are due to pick up their long-term or permanent residence permits in the Czech Republic.



Students can have breakfast, lunch and/or dinner in the Residence Volha canteen.

There are also several canteens close to UCT Prague, including:

  • Menza Studentský dům ("red canteen"): Bílá 2571/6, Praha 6
  • Menza Masarykova kolej: Thákurova 1, Praha 6
  • Technická Menza ("blue canteen"): Jugoslávských partyzánů 1580, 160 00 Praha 6

UCT Student Card holders can purchase meals in these canteens with a student discount.


 Medical care

Please read everything regarding medical care here.

Halls of Residence


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