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Medical Facilities and Health Exams

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Medical Facilities and Health Exams

All international students entering the Czech Republic for more than two months must undergo a health entrance examination which certifies one's state of good health for studying.

The health entrance examination fee is about US$ 50. International students are advised to take out health and accident insurance with the General Health Insurance Company and the Czech Insurance Company for about US$ 40 per month. This is not required if they can present an evidence of health and accident insurance taken out in their home country and valid for the Czech Republic.

UCT Prague dormitories: Health center Puls 

  • Ask your buddy to accompany you since they do not speak English.
  • Bring your health insurance card/confirmation and money with you.
  • Tel.: 267 189 156 - check the opening hours here.

Motol Hospital: Foreign and Private Patient Department

  • Foreigner´s department is located in the Adult´s part of the hospital, on the ground floor of the Blue building (in the hallway leading to the administration building, between the pharmacies).
  • Bring your health insurance card/confirmation and money with you.
  • Check the opening hours and phone numbers here.
  • How to go to Motol Hospital, download the guideline here.

General practioner at UCT Prague - please pre-fill the Medical History form before your first visit

MUDr. Alžběta Sacherová

Building C, Studentská 6, Prague 6, room C414

+420 22044 3207


MUDr. Bělanský

Building C, Studentská 6, Prague 6

+420 22044 4433

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