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Sports and Leisure Facilities


Options for Sports and Fun

Follow the Event calendar of UCT Prague and do not miss any event.

Sport club  UCT Prague 

Czech Academic Games

České akademické hry (Czech Academic Games) is an exclusive multisport student organization that involves all higher education institutions in the Czech Republic. 

VŠAK Chemie

Sport events

0014__běh kunratickým lesem (originál)

Orienteering run

Favorite orienteering run by students of UCT Prague in a meadow in front of Sázava. It is usually every year at the end of April.

labyrintem školy (originál)

Labyrinth of school

It is a classic orienteering race in atypical environment. Racers will run through classrooms they haven not seen before. Corridors they have not  been to before. The event is intended for all students from first year to doctoral students. New students who in the first weeks of the semester got lost in the corridors of the school may reveal the secrets of the local maze. Experienced senior students can test their knowledge and orientation skills acquired through years of study.

cross campus (originál)

Cross Campus

Fifth year of the relay race run “Cross Campus” will take place on April 16th, 2019 at the Dejvice campus betweeen 3 pm and 6 pm. Start and finish of the race will be in front of the National Library of Technology.

Team of four people can apply to the competition and must be comprised of students or employees of institutions and schools of Kampus Dejvice (NTK, IOCB Prague, UCT Prague, CTU in Prague, KTF UK, Municipal District of Prague 6).



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