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The easiest and fastest option for healthy food for students are canteens ("menza"). There is a canteen in the dormitory Volha and two canteens on the university campus, about 5 minute walk from UCT.


Location of the canteens

  • Red Canteen (Menza Studentský dům): Bílá 6, Prague 6
  • Blue Canteen (Technická menza): Jugoslávských partyzánů 3, Prague 6
  • Volha Canteen: K Verneráku 45, Prague 4


Working hours of the canteens

Red Canteen (Menza Studentský dům) Mon–Thu  9:00–19:00
Fri 9:00–15:00
Sat–Sun closed
Blue Canteen (Technická menza) Mon–Fri 10:45–14:20
Sat–Sun closed
Volha Canteen Mon–Thu 11:00–19:00
Fri 11:00—14:30
Sat–Sun closed


Price of the lunch

The discounted price for students (only when paying with ISIC or university card) is approximately 80–130 CZK (≈ 3 – 5 EUR)


How to pay in the canteen?

To get a student discount when paying for the meal, you must use ISIC or a university card (which you will get at the university on Enrollment day).
Depositing money on an ISIC/university card can be done in cash only.

You can do so at the cash desk in canteens – inform the cash desk personnel that you would like to deposit the money on your ISIC/university cards and give them the money in cash. They will put the money on your card, and you can pay for the meal.  

In the Red and Blue canteens, you take the food from the food desk first and then go to the cash desk.

In the Volha canteen, money is deposited on the cash desk on the left side of the food desk, and to choose the meal you need to press the number of the meal on the display of the meals and pay with the ISIC card first. Then you can take the meal from the food desk. 


Tips from international students

  • You may meet a canteen personnel who does not speak English well, in such a case prepare the card and the amount of money you need to deposit and smile. :)
  • Be aware: Czech food is often different from what it looks like. However, there is usually some familiar food like spaghetti, fried cheese, or chicken meat. The vegan option may exist only in Blue canteen. 

Short dictionary for easier canteen navigation:

  • Cash desk – pokladna
  • Chicken meat – kuřecí maso
  • Pork – vepřové maso
  • Beef – hovězí maso
  • Soup – polévka
  • Rice – rýže
  • Potatoes – brambory
  • French fries – hranolky
  • Sauce – omáčka
  • I want to put money on my card – Chci vložit peníze na svou kartu



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