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Student Clubs

University clubs are an integral part of campus life. But these are not the sororities that you see in American films – our associations bring together all people interested in culture, sport, the arts, and other areas. So whether you want to interact with other international and local students, play hockey, take photos, or participate in cultural events on campus, university associations are the way to do it.

Are you curious about what events are currently happening at UCT? Look here


Official Facebook Groups of Faculties

Official Facebook Groups with Students Academic Senate Members:



Help with Studies & Job Opportunities


ESN logo

ESN UCT Prague – Erasmus Student Network 

Our voluntary Erasmus Student Club (ESC) is a member of the international Erasmus Student Network(ESN). The main aim of this student group is to make international students' stay abroad more enjoyable – not only by organizing trips and parties but also by assisting with administrative affairs and other similar matters.

ESN UCT Prague can organize a Czech Buddy for you. Send a Buddy Request to use this service and experience the Czech Republic from the perspective of a native.

šířka 215px


Organizes international internships and professional career growth opportunities. Maintained by the UCT Prague Career Center.


PKC (originál)

Counselling and Career Center

Personal counseling, Students with special needs, Tutors, Mentoring, Academy of competencies, Students-to-students, Career counseling, Job offer in CZ

club307 (originál)

Club 307

Club 307 is a student organization providing a platform for ambitious students willing to enter the management consulting world.


Student Associations

An official overview of all student associations/clubs can be found here.

4students (originál)


uniart (originál)


Do you fear that you’ll be only surrounded by chemistry and technology and cultural activities will have to be set aside? You don’t want to study all the time, but rather start a choir, a film club, or a band? In that case, UNI-ART is the right thing for you! We will gladly help you launch any project of artistic character, find more enthusiasts (not just from our ranks), and acquaint you with active people at UCT.  In any case, you can be our fan and attend the events we hold at the campus.

divoch (originál)


Amateur theater ensemble at UCT Prague.

board games (originál)

Department of board and card games

Group of students who wanted to add a bit of game into the world of orbital, integrals, and exams. For all enthusiasts and random passers-by, they organize regular public “games” tournaments and other events where you will use not only your game skills.

orchestra (originál)

UCT Prague Orchestra

Students, Staff, and Friends Orchestra of UCT Prague rehearse every week in the AI classroom foyer.

ChemChor (originál)


UCT Prague students and staff choir.



Events held at UCT Prague 


0020__kachekran (originál)


KACHEKRAN or "Carnival of Chemists Ending in the Morning" is an important social and cultural event that has been organized by students and school staff since 1959. Currently, it is the largest Prague carnival.

Majáles (originál)


Student Majáles was founded on the initiative of students of several Prague universities who wanted to celebrate the May Day celebrations of students with the tradition of Majales from the 1960s. It includes a traditional allegorical parade, the choice of King or Queen Majáles, presentation of student clubs and young culture through concerts, theater performances, film screenings, and other activities. 

Lesamaj (originál)


Celebration of students, spring, and youth. Dejvice campus student festival. 

HAnami (originál)


Hanami's Japanese holiday, literally translatable as "staring at flowering sakura", is a traditional celebration of spring in its full bloom. People sit under blossoming trees, enjoy themselves, and enjoy the warmth of the spring sun.
There are few at UCT Prague who would not be proud of our sakura planted in 1979 by our academics from the Department of Instrumental Analysis.



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